Politics 2018

Maine Conservation Voters Action Fund endorses Janet Mills for governor

Tue, 06/26/2018 - 2:00pm

    Maine Conservation Voters Action Fund, which helps elect pro-environment candidates to public office, was joined by supporters along the banks of the Kennebec River today to announce its endorsement of Janet Mills for Governor. 

    “Janet knows that a healthy Maine environment is essential to our economy and way of life,” said Maureen Drouin, Executive Director of Maine Conservation Voters, in a news release. The group had announced its endorsement at an Augusta press conference June 26. “She will put Maine on a path to developing clean, local, renewable sources of energy, while ensuring that our land, water, and wildlife are protected for our children.”

    “I was born and raised in Western Maine. When I was a child, its woods and waters were my playground — and to this day, there's nowhere I'd rather be than camping in Baxter State Park or out on Clearwater Lake. That's why I'm proud to have the support of the Maine Conservation Voters Action Fund,” said Mills, in the release. "I've never backed down from taking on corporate polluters or anyone trying to take advantage of our state's beautiful natural resources, and as Governor, I never will."

    A lifelong angler and Farmington native, Mills was a child when she saw firsthand how polluted Maine’s rivers had become. Thanks to the Clean Water Act, the Androscoggin, Penobscot, Kennebec, and hundreds of other rivers across Maine are cleaner than they've been in a generation, and as governor Mills will make ensuring Maine has some of the cleanest water in the nation a top priority. 

    “It’s fitting that we are here along the Kennebec River that once was so polluted with raw sewage that nearly every fish was killed due to a lack of oxygen in the river,” said Bobby Reynolds, sportsman and Maine Conservation Voters board member. “I know Janet as an angler who cares deeply about the health of our fish and wildlife. As a legislator and Attorney General, she’s used her leadership to get mercury pollution out of the Penobscot River, fund the Land for Maine’s Future program, and keep Maine’s coasts safe from offshore oil drilling. Janet will be a champion for our rivers, lakes, streams, and coastal waters.”

    Mills also supports investing in weatherization, rooftop solar, off-shore wind, and other innovations like microgrid technology that will improve reliability, reduce air pollution, and save consumers money on their energy bill. She will appoint skilled and experienced leaders to the Public Utilities Commission and Board of Environmental Protection, who understand the importance of energy innovation, protecting our environment, and putting Maine people and families first.  

    "Maine has the resources and expertise we need to lead the nation in growing the clean energy economy and creating thousands of jobs. What we've been missing is a leader willing and ready to take advantage of those opportunities, and as governor, that's exactly what I'll do," said Mills.

    “Maine is desperate for leadership on energy,” said Fortunat Mueller, Co-Founder of ReVision Energy. “We have been on a solar coaster of unpredictability over the last eight years which has suppressed investment and growth in solar jobs. Janet understands that Maine has the opportunity to be a regional and a national leader on clean energy. She will build Maine’s research and development infrastructure, so entrepreneurs looking to build the next generation clean energy economy will start and grow their businesses and create jobs here in Maine.” 

    “Janet is a champion for Maine,” said Adam Lee, Vice President of Maine Conservation Voters and Chairman of the Board of Lee Auto Malls. “She is the only candidate for governor with a record of protecting our air, water, and land. She has defended clean air standards and secured millions of dollars for air quality improvements. She has a vision for Maine’s future and the experience to make that vision a reality.” 

    “Maine people have a clear choice this November,” concluded Drouin. “Only one candidate – Janet Mills – will be a champion for Maine’s environment and economy, ensuring that Maine families have clean water to drink, healthy air to breathe, and a natural legacy that is passed on to the next generation.”

    Maine Conservation Voters Action Fund conducted a thorough evaluation of the gubernatorial candidates over the past six months, including personal interviews, answers to detailed questionnaire surveys, and an analysis of the candidates’ public voting records, public and personal actions, and statements.