Lost dog, Farva, found injured Thursday morning in Tenants Harbor ditch

Thu, 04/27/2017 - 1:00pm

Story Location:
176 Wallston Road
South Thomaston, ME
United States

    TENANTS HARBOR (Updated April 27 1 p.m.) — Maine Lost Dog Recovery volunteer Shari Closter was able to bring closure to the case of missing 10-month-old bullmastiff/pitbull mix Farva Thursday morning, responding to a call that the dog had been found.

    Farva went missing April 15 from Wallston Road in Tenants Harbor, where he had been standing with a family member when he was spooked and ran into the road. He sustained an injury when he collided with a vehicle.

    He was spotted April 23, and then again on April 24, in Martinsville. Today though, April 27, was Farva’s lucky day. He wasn’t found in a great location, or in great shape, but he’s now in good hands and getting the medical attention and love he needs to recover from his injuries.

    “Adam Emery owns Farva,” said Closter around noon. “He called me about two hours ago to say someone had found his dog on the side of Turkey Cove Road, in the ditch, in Tenants Harbor. Adam said he was badly injured. Since he [Adam] was out of town at that moment, I said I was on my way to get Farva.”

    Tony Leo, who works for J.K. Kalloch, said he was working down the road when he drove along Turkey Cove Road and saw a dog laying on the side of the road.

    “I said to myself, ‘That doesn’t look right,’” said Leo. “So I turned around and when I got back to it, he got scared and went down into the ditch.”

    Leo said he called the Tenants Harbor harbormaster, David Schmanska, and stayed with the dog, talking to it, until Schmanska arrived.

    “I figured I wanted someone there when I went down to check on the dog, in case I got bit or hurt, and when he arrived, I went down and we pulled him up out of the ditch by the collar,” said Leo.

    He said they made some calls, to try and figure out whose dog it was, and then realized it was Emery’s missing dog, Farva. That’s when Emery made the call to Closter to see if she could go and get Farva for him.

    “I reached out to Rockland Animal Hospital, which is where Farva was going for care, to find out the best way for us to lift him out of the ditch [and into her vehicle] due to the bad injury on his back leg,” said Closter. “He is such a sweet, loving dog, and was wagging his tail the whole time we were getting him out and into my car.”

    Closter said she took Farva to the animal hospital, and is “very, very grateful” to everyone who helped search for and ultimately found and helped rescue him.

    “It was a wonderful team effort and I know the family is extremely happy and grateful,” said Closter.

    TENANTS HARBOR (April 24, 1:30 p.m.) — Family members are seeking help to find their missing four-legged family member, Farva. He went missing on Saturday, April 15, from Wallston Road in Tenants Harbor, right near the transfer station. Farva is a 10-month-old, white/tan, 75 pound bullmastiff/pitbull mix, wearing a collar and ID tag. He was spooked and ran into the road without warning while standing with a family member, and was slightly injured on his back legs by a vehicle.

    There have been no further sightings of Farva as of April 23. He may have hunkered down in the area, so family members are looking for the community's help in watching for him in Tenants Harbor. He is described as being very loving and friendly.

    “We want to thank everyone who has been helping us try and find Farva. We feel so fortunate to live in this caring community because everyone has been trying so hard to help us find him, whether it be posting his picture, putting up fliers or quietly walking through the woods. The folks and volunteers with Maine Lost Dog Recovery have been so incredibly supportive and encouraging. Over 100 Farva missing dog flyers have been put up throughout the roads in Tenants Harbor and Port Clyde,” said Madison McClure in an email letter to the editor.

    “We have had so many people sharing Farva's picture and doing everything they can to help get him home to us. We have his Lost Dog flyer posted on the Maine Lost Dog Recovery Facebook page and the Midcoast Message Board Facebook page,” she said, along with her own personal postings.

    “We need your help. If you can share his Lost Dog flyer on your Facebook page and with your friends; if you live in that area, please check your sheds, chicken coops, wells, and buildings; and listen/watch for any unusual barking or activity,” said McClure.

    If you have any information or sightings, please do not call out or chase/attempt to catch Farva – call Adam Emery or McClure immediately with any sightings at 207-691-2215 or 207-390-5031.

    “Thanks again everyone for your support and help in finding our family member. We love and miss you Farva, please come home safe!,” they said.

    Adam Emery 207-691-2215 and Madison McClure, 207-390-5031.

    Reach Editorial Director Holly S. Edwards at hollyedwards@penbaypilot.com; 207-706-6655