Lincolnville resident Michael Johnson seeks school committee seat

Mon, 06/11/2018 - 8:45am

    My name is Michael Johnson, and I'm hoping to be nominated to the Lincolnville Central School committee.  This privilege would be my second opportunity to serve on the board, and I again look forward to working with the existing committee members, Superintendent, and Principal.  I'm running for this committee because I sincerely enjoy the chance to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves, with the rewards of overcoming the inherent challenges directly contributing to what we fervently hope will be successful futures for our youth.

    Originally from Vinalhaven, my family and I moved to Lincolnville 11 years ago.  While on the island, I spent time as a volunteer EMT and firefighter, and coached varsity basketball and cross-country running.  As a self-employed carpenter (both then and now), I've learned the importance and necessity of positive social interaction while keeping an open mind and a patient disposition, traits that are essential in effective communication and resolutions.

    Our daughters are currently students at LCS, where I (along with my wife Jen) have volunteered many hours assisting in a variety of ways: I'm a member of the LCS facilities committee, helping to assess a number of situations relating to the welfare of the building (and the related recommendations for alleviation; assistant coach of the LCS girls basketball team; helped with the installation of a new tile mural in Walsh Common; and volunteer open gym coordinator/extra hands for assisting in various functions.

    I believe that two of the most important issues facing our school (and community) are the steadily rising costs necessary to sustain our educational needs (and State-mandated standards), and the reality that our building isn't a new structure anymore, with its related expenses and allocation of the necessary funds.  In dealing with these issues, we will have to rely on a number of factors, including the invaluable experience of our Superintendent and Principal, our State representatives, Lincolnville's Select Board and Budget Committee, and the input of the town's residents.

    Our children's safety at school is always the top priority.  The existing security and emergency measures strike a good balance in ensuring the welfare of those within the building while not creating an atmosphere of a detention center.  That said, one improvement I might suggest is a text system linked directly to emergency authorities, one that would eliminate the middle-man of a call center and potentially save precious minutes and avoid miscommunications.