Letter to the editor: Why I’m voting for Vicki Doudera 

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 3:45pm

Full disclosure:  I’m voting for Vicki because she is the best candidate and because I am a Democrat and believe in our party’s agenda and mission.  

When I read Rep. Casas’ piece about why he’s an Independent and how being an Independent makes him more effective, I had to speak out.  In my eight years in the state legislature (2008-2016) I worked closely with my Democratic and Republican colleagues, not only on the bills I submitted and co-sponsored, but also as co-chair (with Republican Senator Tom Saviello) of the Environment and Natural Resources Committee.   

I was surprised my first term with how collegial the legislature is – the vast majority of bills are unanimous - and that working together, finding compromise, is the only way to serve one’s constituents and the state effectively.  It is not a product of party affiliation or non-affiliation – it is, however, related to one’s skill as a communicator, as a negotiator and as a good listener.

The vast majority of my colleagues of all political stripes showed up willing to work, discuss and compromise with anyone regardless of party.  That’s simply good governance, and what we should expect of any elected person. 

I’m supporting Vicki Doudera because in addition to her ability to work well with all kinds of people, she will be a leader for our community in the state house.  She will get things done by being cooperative and principled, respectful and hard working. She will draw on her years of professional and volunteer experience in our community, and what she hears from us, to guide her on the many issues that affect our towns and the state.

Join me in voting for Vicki Doudera for State Representative for Camden, Islesboro and Rockport – she’s the person we need at this critical time in our history.  

Joan Welsh lives in Rockport