Letter to the editor: We need Vicki Doudera working in Augusta for us all

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 4:00pm

A vote for Vicki Doudera is a vote to build a better Maine now and to help keep our families here. Vicki’s energy, knowledge, resourcefulness, and common sense helped her run small Maine businesses, sell real estate, write books - learning, expanding, doing what it takes as she and Ed raised their family in Camden. Vicki lives each day her commitment to a better community for all. Witness her success in her years of collaborative leadership to revitalize our Knox County Habitat for Humanity. Witness her support of better local schools, keeping Islesboro ferry fares fair, keeping our Camden Post Office here, and expanding her church outreach programs into the community. A doer. A listener. A builder. Proven.

We need Vicki working in Augusta for us ALL! Be excited to vote for an accomplished Mainer wanting to build us a better Maine: Add jobs. Expand Medicaid, to save lives and add jobs. Get all of Maine a strong internet. Protect our marine life and livelihoods. And more.

Get excited about voting Vicki into office. We are!

Michael and Claudia Griffiths live in Camden.