Letter to the editor: Vote to return Dave Miramant to Augusta

Wed, 09/12/2018 - 11:15am

To the Editor:

I urge voters in Senate District 12 to return Dave Miramant to the Maine Senate where he can continue building on the successes of his previous terms. He worked to expand Medicaid. He favors the minimum wage raise that voters approved in 2016. Further, he believes the voters’ will should be honored and not be interfered with by the legislature. Dave works to bring good-paying jobs to Knox County by supporting alternative energy sources, by fighting to keep our land, air, and water clean and productive, and by supporting our fishing industry and tourism.

Dave has worked hard for meaningful property tax relief for Maine families and seniors. He worked with a bipartisan group of legislators to produce a comprehensive overhaul of Maine tax law that reflects a fair percentage of tax. In the next session, he will again push for comprehensive reform of the Maine taxation system. These efforts should make Maine’s taxes fairer for all and enable restoring the state’s share of school funding to the 55% approved by voters. As a retired educator, I am gratified that Dave is a supporter of our public schools.

Dave Miramant works across the aisle with a goal of solving the problems facing Maine people using the best ideas, from wherever they come. He knows we need new energy and young people to join the mix of those who already call Maine home. So join me in voting on November 6 for Senator Dave Miramant.


Susan H. Vaughan

St. George, ME