Letter to the editor: A vote for Jayne Crosby Giles is a vote for Waldo County and Maine

Tue, 09/18/2018 - 7:30am

As a small child, I was blessed with a wonderful role model of inclusiveness and collaboration.  From my earliest memories, Jayne always included me in her adventures and fun, even when it was hard for me to keep up with her and her older friends.  And when our younger sister arrived, Karen was included, too. Over the years I realized it wasn’t just me or Karen that she was including. Jayne’s outlook has always been- the more the merrier and the more differences in ideas and experiences the better. And even as a child; she had a way of pulling us all together when some just couldn’t seem to agree, and of helping individual voices to be heard. Back then, Jayne helped us play and work and solve problems together...

And today, Jayne Crosby Giles brings this spirit of inclusion and collaboration to the Maine Senate race in Waldo County.  At a time of increasing divisiveness and partisanship in politics and government, Jayne offers an outstretched hand and her belief in working together to solve problems that we are facing in Waldo County.  Jayne seeks solutions that help Maine citizens, not ones that serve one political party or individual.

Jayne has proven that bipartisanship can make things happen in our state government. As our past representative in the Maine Legislature, Jayne formed a caucus with other representatives from both sides of the aisle; they worked together to arrive at solutions that helped Maine people and that both parties supported.  Jayne hopes to build this bipartisanship in our Senate.

Jayne has the skill and desire to collaborate across party lines and the knowledge and, further, the experience to address our needs and economic problems in Waldo County.  She has over thirty years of experience working with Maine people in banking and with non-profit organizations, supporting and advocating for small Maine businesses, homeowners, and home buyers. Jayne has learned- and continues to learn- firsthand of so many of the challenges Maine people face and has worked for many years with individuals to help them get the resources, information, and support they need. She has special concern for our young people, young families, and our seniors living an affordable, quality life in Waldo County.  Jayne will work openly and collaboratively in the Senate to ensure that resources and education are available to help the people of our rural communities.

From an early age, Jayne Crosby Giles recognized that there are strengths and good in each of us. She helped me and others understand that each of us has something of value to contribute, and encouraged us to seek out others’ ideas and input and appreciate differences. Jayne modeled open-mindedness and trust in others, and demonstrated again and again that no one individual way alone is the sole “right” way, but rather there are many different ways and through working together we can find ways that can be even better.  She continues to inspire others today with her outlook and approach. Jayne is inclusive, collaborative, open-minded, experienced, knowledgeable, and understanding.  

Vote for Jayne Crosby Giles for your Waldo County Representative in the Maine Senate.  Your vote for Jayne is a vote for Waldo County and for Maine.

Jan Banks lives in Belfast