Letter to the editor: Silence Is Not Golden

Mon, 06/04/2018 - 7:30am

We are writing to urge all Democrats to vote in the June 12 primary for Jared Golden to be the candidate to represent the Second District in Congress. From watching his convention speech and from meeting him in person, we’re convinced that he’s the best choice.

Golden was a staffer on the U.S. Senate Homeland Security Committee. He enlisted in the US Marines after 9/11 and served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Knowing that education is the best remedy for bigotry and religious extremism, he went back to Afghanistan as a schoolteacher.

He advocates long-term environmental policies to preserve our planet’s natural wealth as opposed to selling it piecemeal for short-term gain.

He strongly supports equal pay for equal work, as well as access to health care as a right not determined by wealth. He is young and energetic, with the experience of two terms in the Maine House. He speaks plainly, and he listens to his constituents with full attention. He says, “I’ll have your back,” and we think he will.

Because Golden refuses “dark money” funneled through innocuous-sounding nonprofits, he has less money than the incumbent, Bruce Poliquin, but we believe his proven record of service gives him the best chance of withstanding the inevitable campaign smears and unseating Poliquin.

After all, that’s the most urgent task for those in our district who say government should serve all the people, not just the fortunate few.

Maureen Sugden and Gary Stimeling live in Freedom