Letter to the editor: Let's Send Senator Dave Miramant Back to Augusta

Mon, 09/03/2018 - 11:30am
I was glad to hear that our Maine State Senator Dave Miramant is running for reelection again this year, after his first two successful terms representing our district.
Even in the sometimes smarmy political climate we face these days, Dave remains optimistic, positive and patient. These attributes are serving him well in Augusta where he works hard to move discussions beyond party politics to do what is right for Mainers. Dave routinely reaches across the aisle to negotiate good bills and policies that strike just the right balance. His optimism and belief in Maine and our people is unwavering, regardless of the ever shifting political climate.  
With Dave in Augusta, we have a man of great integrity representing us; a man who genuinely cares about our community, its people, and our future. Dave has the aptitude to introduce smart bills that will improve our lives, and the skills necessary to see those bills through to passage. 
Passionate in his positions and work to protect the environment, support Maine workers and businesses, promote comprehensive tax reform and improve healthcare access, Dave is also constantly listening and learning to expand his views and knowledge base. He actively knocks on the doors of his constituents to stay in touch and in tune with members of our community at all levels to help ensure that his actions as our Senator are informed by all of us. He is also responsive when his constituents reach out to him, and goes out of his way not only to listen to our issues but when appropriate, to help problem-solve solutions, as well.
We need State Senator Dave Miramant back in Augusta, where he will continue to work hard for our community and State. Dave is definitely getting my vote this November 6. I hope he will get yours, too.
Melissa Gates lives in Cushing