Letter to the editor: Erin Herbig will listen to our needs

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 4:30pm

When I met Erin Herbig eight years ago as a first time candidate, I appreciated her strong handshake and the determination I saw in her eye contact.  I was impressed with her intelligence, exuberance and enthusiasm for public office.

As these qualities flourished, new ones emerged as her experience and expertise grew in her role as representative.  She is now Majority Leader and it is evident how strongly she supports the principles of democracy - especially, justice and fairness.  Erin is a strong leader, and in these difficult times, works hard to bring together members of both houses.  As a clean elections candidate, she is dedicated to sponsoring legislation that will help her constituents on many levels, including lowering property taxes by restoring municipal revenue sharing and expanding services for seniors. These issues are just a few from Erin's broad agenda and her strong desire to improve the lives of all her constituents.

In all my years as an active citizen, I've never trusted a person in public office as much as I trust Erin Herbig. I believe, as our senator, she will continue to listen to our needs and do what she is able to enhance our quality of life.  These are just a few of the reasons why she's my choice for the Maine State Senate to represent District 11, Waldo County.

Phyllis Coelho lives in Belfast