Letter to the Editor: Don't forget to vote for Question #1

Fri, 10/23/2015 - 11:00am

Last year, hundreds of volunteers collected 80,000 signatures from eager Maine voters to put Question #1 on the ballot this Nov. 3, to strengthen our Clean Elections law, which allowed ordinary Mainers to run for office without being rich or having to take money from powerful influences.

We were proud that our neighbors could become independent minded legislators with the help of this law, dismayed as it was gradually weakened by opponents, and appalled when the 2011 Supreme Court Citizens United decision unleashed unlimited amounts of money from unknown sources into our state campaigns.

Question #1 will help fix this, by refunding Clean Elections, letting us know where outside big money is coming from, closing loopholes and penalizing violations.

Please vote for Question #1 and restore Maine Clean Elections.

Beedy Parker lives in Camden