Letter to the editor: Bill Pluecker for State House District 95: Warren, Appleton and part of Union

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 3:45pm

As a recent transplant to Union, Maine, there has been much for me to learn about the election process. In my first two years here, I have experienced town hall meetings, referendums, a caucus and ranked choice voting – all new to me.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet the Independent candidate for Maine House District 95, Bill Pluecker.  I was impressed with the way he connected to the people in the room – listening intently and responding with comments that indicated he heard and truly understood the point being made.  Although we were from various backgrounds, experiences and generations, he spoke easily to each of us – listening and adding his own experiences.

A few days later, my neighbor and I encountered him on the road where I live.  He was knocking doors.  He stopped to speak with us and his energy and enthusiasm were contagious. The three of us enjoyed a spirited conversation – a perfect end to a beautiful late summer evening in Maine.

For me, the most important outcome for this fall is to elect candidates who listen to the people whom they represent and represent them honestly and with integrity.  I am confident Bill Pluecker will do just that.  I will be happy to cast my vote for Bill on November 6.

Lydia Bendas lives in Union