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Leavitt continues undefeated season with win against Oceanside

Mon, 09/13/2021 - 7:15pm

ROCKLAND — The Oceanside high school golf program hosted Leavitt for a golf match Monday, Sept. 13 at the Rockland Golf Club. 

Leavitt 172, Oceanside 180 (LEA wins 8-1) 
Ruby Haylock (L) 39 defeated Noah Mclellan (O) 45 
Austin Chilles (O) 39 defeated Billy Visconti (L) 46
Jade Haylock (L) 42 defeated Bryson Mattox (O) 44
Alexis McCormick (L) 45 defeated Rhys Jones (O) 52 
Aidan Lind (L) 46 defeated Colin Landry (O) 57 
AJ Davis (L) 50 defeated Parker Darge (O) 68

Medalists: Austin Chillis (O) and Ruby Haylock (L) 39

Oceanside now sports a 4-2 record and Leavitt now has a 5-0 record.