Is beekeeping right for you?

Learn about honey bees with Jean Vose

Sun, 01/05/2020 - 4:45pm

Story Location:
Medomak Valley High School
Waldoboro  Maine
United States

WALDOBORO — If one has a taste for honey or an adventurous side, maybe they have thought of becoming a beekeeper, according to beekeeper Jean Vose, in a news release.

“What would one really be in for, though? Is it really a job or is it a fun way to get one's own honey?” Vose said. “Well, it’s a bit of both.”

On Monday, Jan. 20, Jean Vose, from Nobleboro, will teach the class "Learning About Bees ~ Is Beekeeping Right for You?" The class is hosted by the RSU 40 Adult Education Program and will be held from 6 to 9 p.m., at Medomak Valley High School, in Waldoboro. 

She is a part of Knox-Lincoln County Beekeepers, and has been keeping bees in her backyards for more than 30 years.  

Keeping bees, when properly done, can be a unique and highly rewarding pastime, she said. It can be entertaining and educational, and if done on the correct scale can be a profitable hobby. Not only will bees create honey and other products for one to harvest, but also if one gardens, fruit and vegetable harvests will also flourish.

“Being a beekeeper is work, but it also has many benefits,” she said. “Anyone can do it, as long as they are prepared. One can’t just wake up one day, decide to be a beekeeper and start immediately. One has to know what they are doing.” 

This class is not a complete “how to keep bees” course but an introduction to help one decide if beekeeping is right for them. The class summarizes and explains essential information learned over the years. There is information about honey bees, challenges and successes, where to get them, what you need, how much time and investment is involved. 

There will be a PowerPoint presentation and demonstrations with opportunities to have a hands-on experience with beekeeping equipment.

Register for the class online at, or by calling 832-5389.