Knox County Sheriff’s Office welcomes two new deputies

Fri, 09/06/2019 - 11:00pm

ROCKLAND – Two new deputies, Christopher Taylor and Brandon Sperling, have been commissioned by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

Taylor comes to the KCSO from the Rockport Police Department with over two years of full-time law enforcement experience. He grew up in Knox County and is a graduate of the Maine Basic Law Enforcement Training Program.

Sperling comes from the United States Coast Guard with six years of service, three as a coxswain, with the primary duties as a federal law enforcement officer.

He is expected to attend the Maine Basic Law Enforcement Training Program in the fall of 2020.

Both will be participating in the Sheriff’s Office in-house training program through the fall. Taylor is slated for a mainland patrol position and Sperling is slated for the Vinalhaven Island patrol position.

These additions puts the Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division at full staff.

The Sheriff’s Office, like many other Maine Law Enforcement agencies, has experienced continuous turn over within its law enforcement ranks over the last few years. On occasion the agency was down four positions, according to the news release.