Knox County divorces

Wed, 01/05/2022 - 9:30pm

    ROCKLAND — The following divorces were finalized in Rockland District Court in November and December.

    Barbara R. Doherty of Seneca, S.C. and Timothy P. Doherty of Warren, married Oct. 20, 2001, in Warren.

    Nancy L. Sullivan of Rockland and John D. Sullivan of Huntsville, Ala., married Feb. 14, 1978, in Carson City, Nev. She will change her name to Nancy L. Simpson.

    Kristie L. Young of Vinalhaven and Robert J. Young of Vinalhaven, married Aug. 17, 1996, on Vinalhaven. She will change her name to Kristie L. Jones.

    Elizabeth A. Hayes of Hope and Troy D. Hayes of Friendship, married Nov. 29, 2014, in Reading, Mass.

    Rebecca Anne White of Union and Gabor Degre of Union, married Aug. 20, 2005, in Eddington.

    Adam L. Roberson of Thomaston and Sara M. Villeneuve of Tarapoto, Peru, married June 16, 2017, in Camden.

    Robert Leroy Carlson of Warren and Darcie Lea Carlson of Warren, married May 23, 2009, in Spruce Head. She will change her name to Darcie Lea Phillips.

    Randy L. Harvey of Spruce Head and Susan E. Polky of Rockland, married Sept. 28, 1991, in St. George.

    Delores L. Allen of Warren and Cory D. Allen of Warren, married April 13, 1996, in Thomaston.

    Jessica Lynne Bunoski of Thomaston and Adam Joseph Bunoski of Appleton, married Feb. 1, 2019, in Rockland. She will change her name to Jessica Lynne Powers.

    Richard M. Anderson of Rockport and Kathrin JC Seitz of Rockport, married Aug. 1, 2009, in Camden.

    Heather R. Harper Ripley of Warren and Andrew T. Ripley of Warren, married Aug. 20, 2005, in Warren. She will changer her name to Heather Renee Harper.

    Mallory L. Gray of Hope and Shawn C. Gray of Warren, married Aug. 28, 2010, in Rockport.

    Ashley M. Nelson of Rockland and Michael S. Nelson of Rockland, married Nov. 21, 2007, in Rockland.

    William Jay Crafford of Rockland and Stacey E. Crafford of Hope, married April 10, 2010, in Union.

    Kayla I. Wilshire of Friendship and Joshua L. Wilshire of Friendship, married Feb. 10, 2007, in Waldoboro.

    James H. Frank of Washington and Susan C. Frank of Washington, married July 21, 1996, in Howard, N.Y. She will change her name to Susan Claire Hamel.

    Linda K. MacWilliams of Pittsfield and Douglas J. MacWilliams of Thomaston, married Sept. 6, 2008, in Rockport. She will change her name to Linda Kay Underwood.

    Charity A. McNabb of Vinalhaven and Alan C. McNabb of Ascutney, Vt., married Jan. 11, 2003, in Norwich, Vt. She will change her name to Charity Reynolds Appell.

    Elizabeth C. Doherty of Rockland and Charles M. Doherty III of Rockland, married Nov. 2, 1984, in Camden.

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