Knox County deed transfers

Sat, 12/02/2023 - 11:00pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Knox County Registry of Deeds Nov. 27-Dec.1.     


    David Bruce Ray to Samuel B. Ray.

    Betty J. Dyment Est. to Stuart Young.


    Edward Leroy Fetteroli to Legacy Realty Investments Inc.

    Edward Leroy Fetteroli Est. to Jeffrey A. Fetteroli.

    Edward Leroy Fetteroli Est. to Jacqueline E. Fetteroli.


    Sarah Kingsbury and Terrence Crabtree to Anthony Mark Collins and Meraiah Lindsey Ames Collins.

    Sydney S. Hall to Tyson Sky Hall, Sky Hall, and Makiko Kato.

    Tyson Sky Hall, Sky Hall, and Makiko Kato to Mary Jane Cooper.

    Owls Head

    Martha A. McFarlin to Janet Gill.


    Barbara Murray Orne, Barbara Benner, and Barbara J. Murray to Timothy M. Rooney.

    Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Pennymac Loan Services LLC.

    Ousatonic Fish and Game Protective Association Inc. to Georges River Land Trust.


    Elaine M. Radowicz to Amy D. Lynn and Kenneth A. Lynn.

    Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to James Bonnar and Deanne Bonnar.

    Michelle Gallant to Michelle Gallant and Karl Enroth.

    Mayo Sommermeyer and Barbara Sommermeyer to Michael Carlin Pearce.

    St. George

    Sylvia R. Armstrong Est. to Erik Reider Tr., Justin B. Hecht Tr., Justin B. Hecht Revocable Living Trust dated April 26, 2022, and Erik Reider Revocable Living Trust dated October 3, 2005.


    George W. McKown Est. to Carla J. Collinge and Eric J. Collinge.

    Frederick S. Carr Jr. Est. to William H. McCauley and Thomas J. Ciarniello.

    Donna J. Pease Est. to Connor McKay and Grace McKay.


    Richard Lacroix and Jean Lacroix to Sharon Sukeforth and Jonas M. Sabins.

    Gregory E. Robinson and Lura J. Robinson to Lura J. Robinson Living Trust, Tonya J. Carter Tr., and Lura J. Robinson Tr.

    Henry C. Balsley to Susan Whitman.

    Shawn Anderson Tr. and Patricia Lynn Anderson Irrevocable Trust Dated August 13, 2021, to Shawn Anderson.


    Amy Brubaker and Amy B. Donahue to Patricia A. Dunn Tr., Patricia A. Dunn Revocable Trust, Douglas H. Green Tr., and Douglas H. Green Revocable Trust.

    Hayley Wentworth to Dana H. Blackington and Hayley Wentworth.

    Dana H. Blackington to Isles Blackington.

    Magdalene D. Beckman and Eric D. Beckman to Svea Oakes, Sandra Oakes, and Timothy Oakes.


    Marc S. Dickinson Est. to Decks, Docks and Flip Flops LLC.

    Ashley A. Ames Tr. and Robert T. Hinchey Irrevocable Trust to Robert T. Hinchey.

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