Knox County deed transfers

Tue, 09/12/2023 - 5:30pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Knox County Registry of Deeds Sept. 4-8.   


    Charles Scott Conant Est. to Cheryl R. Conant and Laurie Conant.

    Laurie Conant to Cheryl R. Conant.

    Keith L. Harer to Leila Fiery.


    Town of Camden to Coastal Mountains Land Trust

    18 Colcord LLC to Turtle Thyme LLC.

    12 Colcord LLC to Kitty Thyme LLC.


    Christine Petrucelli and John Moulton to Kim Hollaender and Grace M. Hollaender.

    Edward C. Gagnon and Margaret W. Gagnon to Edward C. Gagnon, Margaret W. Gagnon, and S. David Cookman.


    Sydney S. Hall to Sky Hall and Makiko Kato.


    Edwin C. Mitchell and Nancy L. Mitchell to Gary Gray.

    Owls Head

    Vance McMahan to Catherine Lynn Journey and Hope E. Calderwood.

    Dwight L. Fowles Tr. and Paul L. Fowles Realty Trust to David Klim and Holly Staffieri Klim.

    David Jon Hjerpe and Vera Alice Hjerpe to David Jon Hjerpe Tr., Vera Alice Hjerpe, and Hjerpe Maine 2023 Revocable Trust.


    Michael Mullins to Stephen Shahan and Katherine Kamper.

    Jane Johanson and Bernard G. Katz Jr. to Suzanne R. Rich and Robert D. Rich.

    Pearl Properties LLC to Drydock Wharf LLC.


    Allan W. Furlong and Mary K. Furlong to Barbara Sellers and Gail Ritzert.

    Darren Allen Robbins to Megan Cushman Skin Care LLC.

    David A. Leland Jr. and Kathryn Leland to Palm Dell Ventures LLC.

    Stacey Lindell and Seth Emerson Palmiter to Palm Dell Ventures LLC.

    Anthony Desales Pinson and Katherine Miller Pinson to Anthony Desales Pinson Tr., Katherine Miller Pinson Tr., and Anthony Desales Pinson and Katherine Miller Pinson Revocable Trust.

    Darlene Saunders to Walter Dawydiak and Paula Dawydiak.

    South Thomaston

    Matthew Brown to Matthew Brown and Alanna Brown.

    Advantage Assets Alpha LLC. to Advantage Assets Alpha LLC.

    Katherine P. Porter to Nina Ruth Wason and Paul Kenneth Wason.

    Douglass Benstead Reed and Geraldine Geary Reed to Ken Stein and Kenneth Lambrecht.

    St. George

    Gary Lachance Tr. and Richard Lachance Living Trust dated July 12, 2022 to Roxane Louise Dietrich.

    Joyce R. Taylor to Alfred J. Dussi and Jeannine Dussi.


    David J. Hilt to Shawn Anderson Tr. and Patricia Lynn Anderson Irrevocable Trust dated August 13, 2021.

    Elsie G. Mank and Paul R. Mank to Sadie C. McAdams and Christopher A. McAdams.


    Mary C. Sheeline Est. to Christopher W. Sheeline, William E. Sheeline, Abby T. Sheeline, and Leonora M. Sheeline.


    Aleta D. Green to Zachary A. Kuras and Mark F. Kuras.

    David A. Faust Tr., Janice M. Faust Tr., and David A. Faust and Janice M. Faust Revocable Trust to Michael G. Khoury and Margaret E. Khoury.

    Harold William Cutting Tr. and Harold William Cutting Revocable Trust to Alison Lampke.


    Lars Erik Hill to Andrew Lee and Julie A. Lee.

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