Knox County deed transfers

Mon, 09/04/2023 - 11:30pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Knox County Registry of Deeds Aug. 28-Sept. 1.    


    Evan M. MacDonald and Gail A. MacDonald to Adam C. MacDonald.

    Francis Anne Johnson to Frances Anne Johnson Tr. and Revocable Trust of Frances Anne Johnson.

    David L. Ober Est. to Catrina A O Murray.

    Ryan O’Donnell to Austin Davis.

    DRLO Holdings LLC to Daryle Degen.


    Robert G. Wolff and Gretchen A. Wolff to Robert G. Wolff Tr., Wolff Living Trust dated August 15, 2023, and Gretchen A. Wolff Tr.

    Cecil A. Runge to Scott R. Leadbetter and Kelly W. Leadbetter.

    Sarah Allen and Robert Lefervre to Sol S. Farkas Tr., Jane Farkas Tr., and Sol S. Farkas and Jane Farkas Revocable Trust.

    Mitchell T. McMillen Tr. and Mitchell T. McMillen Revocable Trust to ABS Family Trust.


    Bruce Bickford and Doreen Bickford to Bruce Nagle Bickford Tr., Doreen Castelli Bickford, and Bickford Living Trust.

    David L. James to Aleta Green.

    Mark P. Colson Sr., Mark P. Colson, Michelle L. Colson, and Mark P. Colson Jr. to Michelle L. Colson and Mark P. Colson Sr.


    Gail Lord to Christina Merrifield.

    Sharon Kolb to Chad J. Erspamer and Laura E. Erspamer.

    North Haven

    Elinor L. Hallowell to Mark B. Stein Tr., Elinor L. Hallowell Family Trust, and Ronald S. Perry Tr.

    Ronald S. Perry Tr., Elinor L. Hallowell Family Trust, and Mark B. Stein Tr. to Fiona L. Anderson Bell.


    Madelyn O. Drinkwater Est. to Julie R. Dorrity and Heidie R. Taylor.

    Jeffrey D. Curtis and Maria C. Boord Curtis to Shermans ROC RE LLC.

    Donald E. McMahan and Judith A. McMahan to 37 Knott Street LLC.

    Mid Coast Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Ashley Upham and Ashley E. Upham.

    58 Brewster Street LLC to Benay Enterprises Inc.

    Kristin L. Ames and Kimberlee D. Cowan to Julie R. Dorrity and Heidi R. Taylor.

    Susanne Ward to 252 Main Street LLC.

    Stephanie M. McGary to Patricia K. Drolet.

    Amy W. Beers and Kevin Beers to Wendy L. Jodon.

    Daniel Louis Hicks to Marilyn Epp.

    Andres A.  Sedano to Victoria Hoch and Minal Cordeiro.

    Beth Anne Chontos and Joshua Paul Goodman to Justine A. Zielinski.


    Laurie Tibbetts and Laure Tibbetts to Laurie Tibbetts Tr. and Tibbetts Living Trust dated August 16, 2023.

    Maria E. Ridlon and Maria E. Ridlon Revocable Trust dated May 3, 2018 to Maria E. Ridlon.

    Betsey Fredericks and Eric Fredericks to Laura Valerio.

    Robert W. Hayes and Janet M. Hayes to David Boucher and Michelle Boucher.

    Robert M. Hall and Debra J. Hall to Anthony Desales Pinson and Katherine Miller Pinson.

    Pentipa Meservey to Dominic Pecorado and Martha Pecorado.

    Patricia A. Richards to Laurel Richards.

    Susan Clark, Jamie Clark, and Julie Green to Normand Boucher and Marianne Boucher.

    Stephen R. Schwartz and Susan S. Schwartz to Stephen R. Schwartz Tr., Susan S. Schwartz Tr., and Schwartz Living Trust dated August 24, 2023.

    St. George

    Charlotte A. Moss and Marjorie A. Moss Chin to Gerrit Y. Lansing.

    Linda W. Welch to Molly K. Ryan and Bryan J. Brandom.

    William Tanis Jr. Revocable Trust and William Tanis Jr. Tr. to James H. Bolin Jr. and Catherine S. Stempien.

    Gerrit Y. Lansing to Gerrit Y. Lansing.

    South Thomaston

    Ralph E. Cline III to Town of South Thomaston.

    Cindy L. Purcell Tr., Renate I Sprung TR., Lieselotte A. Bacho Tr., and JJF Family Trust to Ashely Conrad Boening Tr., Stefanie Kay Adamson Tr., 2018 Ashley Conrad Boening and Stefanie Kay Adamson Revocable Trust, and Lela Robertson.

    Diana Drinkwater to Diana Drinkwater and Ernest Rackliff III.


    Blair Maureen Clement Irrevocable Trust dated May 26, 2023 and Katherine Griffin Tr. to Kathleen Sarah Lisk.

    R and D Trash Removal Inc. to Donald Porter and Douglas Collins.

    Sandra Hoekstra and Bruce Hoekstra to Sandra Hoekstra and Bruce Hoekstra.

    Norene H. Jones and George E. Jones to Kelly Sturks, Norene H. Jones, and George E. Jones.


    Melaine Leo Daigle to Susan M. Parker and Kent R. Parker.

    Benjamin R. Ledger to Jeremy Grass and Angel Grass.


    Wayne F. Young and Patrcia A. Young to Backwoods Development LLC.


    Edward E. Thompson, Rosemarie Thompson, and Edward R. Thompson to Theresa Messer and Jeffrey Porter Messer.

    Eila R. Leach Est. to Aaron Kalloch and Donna Kalloch.

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