Knox County deed transfers

Sat, 03/18/2023 - 4:30pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Knox County Registry of Deeds March 13-17.


    Town of Appleton to David Flanagan.


    Alko Acceptance Corporation to Alabama Property LLC.

    Robert Dwight Leeper to Thomas J. Leeper, James KM Leeper, and Paul C. Leeper.

    Benjamin E. Rogers to Lilham LLC.


    Charlene Benner to Michelle Benner.

    Isle Au Haut

    David Crane Nelson to Anne Nelson Apgar, Travers Coates Nelson, Elizabeth Campbell, and Elizabeth Campbell Nelson.

    Owls Head

    Keith Robinson and Michelle Sinnott to Susan Langdon Loughman and Timothy L. Loughman.

    Darlene J. Joy and Darlene Joy to Martha A. McFarlin.

    Donald A. Nickles and Christina L. Nickles to Emily Philbrook, Justin Philbrook, Abby Garrison, and Kelly Garrison.

    Eugene Wiggin Est. to Craig Beal Tr. and Constance A. Beal Irrevocable Trust.


    Three Crows Enterprises LLC to Leonardo Andres Gonell and Lara Muir.

    Mark M. Piscitelli to Mark M. Piscitelli.

    Ronald McManus and Martha McManus to Wayne Zysk and Lisa Gingerich.

    Sharon Lee Jones to Megan Teresa Porche.


    Kevin Eastler and Sara Eastler to Timothy A. Gillam and Barbara A. Gillam.

    Joanne Brooks to Joanne Brooks to Joey Brooks.

    St. George

    Kathleen Barker Tr., David Brakke Tr., Philip Conkling Tr., Alexa Cunningham Tr., Edward G. Freitag Tr., Wendy Makins Tr., Lori Beth Schwartz Tr., and Herring Gut Coast Science Center to Herring Gut Coastal Science Center.

    Ellen Clancy LLC to Cody M. Malave and Danica J. Malave.

    Lee H. Haupt Tr., G. Roy Haupt Trust Dated November 6, 2002, to Lee H. Haupt.

    Napoleon J. Debarros Jr. and Kathleen M. Debarros to Kathryn A. Pardo and Jonmikel Pardo.

    Juliann R. Rackliff to Michelle Sinnott and Keith Robinson.

    Norma J. Rackliff Est. to Michelle Sinnott and Keith Robinson.

    South Thomaston

    Donald J. Paulsen Est. to Lorriane A. Benner Tr., Lorraine A. Benner, and Donald J. Paulsen Living Trust.

    Donald J. Paulsen to Lorraine A. Benner Tr., Donald J. Paulsen Living Trust.

    Donald Paulsen Est. to Donald J. Paulsen Living Trust and Lorraine A. Benner Tr.

    Donald Paulsen Est. to Lorraine A. Benner Tr. and Donald J. Paulsen Living Trust.


    Best Felts Inc. to JGC Properties LLC.


    Ann Donaldson to William L. MacFadyen and Suzanne MacFadyen.


    Judy C. Laidlaw to Judy C. Laidlaw and Colette C. Taber.

    Shaohue Huang to Hon Yi Ruan.

    Atty. Douglas E. Barnes to Caitlin D. Raye and Eben N. Wight.

    Lakshmi Butcher to Nira Paltra.


    James David Harding and Razella Avril Harding to Donald A. Morin.

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