Knox County deed transfers

Sun, 11/13/2022 - 4:00pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Knox County Registry of Deeds Nov. 7-11.


    Allens Blueberry Freezer Inc. to Cecilia S. Lopez.


    Robert C. Alexander and Madeline M. Alexander to Khalid Muslih and Kari E. Phillips.

    Kevin Charette to Kevin Charette and Jennifer Marie Ezzy.

    Ken L. Bishop and Sheilah W. Bishop to Jennie Leigh Heskett. (death deed)

    Terry A. Hurlbut Jr. Tr., Camden Trust, Sandra Claire Hurlbut Tr. to Peter J. Burt Tr., Deborah H. Burt Tr., Peter J. Burt Living Trust, and Deborah H. Burt Living Trust.

    David D. Waldron and Carol B. Waldron to John Mark White Jr. and Rachel Ross Thompson.


    Ski House 141 LLC to Liam Holyoak and Kristin Marie Holyoak.

    Thomas M. Byrne and Donna Rock to Jeromy Simmons and Ramona A. Simmons.


    Susan C. Craft and Richard Craft to Carisa Carney.

    Isle Au Haut

    William F. Newbold Jr. Tr., David D. Newbold Tr., and Ellen VP Wells Revocable Trust to William F. Newbold Jr. and David D. Newbold.

    North Haven

    William E. Parkerton and Melissa M. Parkerton to Benjamin and Patricia Sparhawk.

    Steven A. Beverage to Leland Beverage. (death deed)

    James P. Davisson to Jesse Davisson.

    Jefferson D. Robinson and Carolyn B. Robinson to Ryan RK Turner and Brianna E. Bedigan.

    Sunnie G. Silverman to Samuel Ayer Tweed Revocable Trust.

    Owls Head

    Irving F. Smith and Marilyn K. Smith to 21 Smiths Lane LLC.

    Robert P. Smith, Christopher Smith, Dana Smith, Julie Pembroke, and Jennifer Morabito to Dana L. Smith Tr., Joan Smith 2022 Family Irrevocable Trust, and Robert P. Smith 2022 Family Revocable Trust.


    Eric T. Peabody and Renee J. Peabody to Lynn W. Archer.

    Kate Genereux to Lucy Gordon. (death deed)

    David Alan Stone and Eleanor E. Stone to Lawrence A. Brooks and Kay F. Brooks.

    James A. McNeaney and Carol L. McNeaney to Stephanie Kovacs.


    Allyson Otto Poutasse to Quentin Walz and Jennifer Houser.

    Sara Andrews and Michael Andrews to Gary Dean Brown.

    St. George

    Marta Skoglund Sisco to Mark A. Sisco and Marta Skoglund Sisco.

    Stephen R. Scott to Stephen C. Scott.

    Peter A. Achorn to Adrian S. Wolverton and Alison H. Wolverton.


    Victoria A. Sheehan to Robert S. Joynt and Jessica P. Joynt.


    Karl L. Blood and Katrina E. Blood to Ronald A. Smith, Valerie F. Smith, and Raymond S.  Smith.

    CindyLou Feyler to CindyLou Feyler and Jarrett Austin Feyler.

    Robert S. Joynt and Jessica P. Joynt to Tyler Wilson and Kim Wilson.


    Paul Dempsey and Sara K. Sherry to Sheryl D. Galligan, Terrence P. Galligan, Lori Fournier, and Peter Fournier.


    Sherrill L. Arey to Sherrill L. Arey and Juanita A. Arey.


    Ronald Jackson to Boggs Homes Inc.

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