Knox County deed transfers

Wed, 11/09/2022 - 5:45pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Knox County Registry of Deeds Oct. 31-Nov. 4.


    Deer Foot Farm LLC to Sue Ellen M. Roberts.

    Heather Hedberg to David Burr and Laura Burr.

    Erik Hedberg to David Burr and Laura Burr.


    Valerie J. Moffett to Alexander N. Moffett Tr., Alison S. Klaus Tr., and Valerie Joyce Moffett Irrevocable Trust Dated October 3 2022.

    Scott E. Jorgensen to Scott E. Jorgensen Tr. and Scott E. Jorgensen Living Trust.

    Stephen J. Matteo to Stephen J. Matteo Tr. and Stephen J. Matteo Living Trust.

    David J. Perkins Tr. and David H. Montgomery Trust to Eve Greene Marden.

    Ann Stuart Montgomery to Eve Greene Marden.

    Heather E. Deese Riordan and Heather Edeese Riordan to Lisa Diaz Tr. and Lisa Diaz Revocable Trust Dated April 27 2022.

    Rebecca M. Twaddell to James O’Rourke.

    Susan Mary Corcoran and Susan C. Williamson to Landline LLC.

    William Preston Brawn and Linda C. Brawn to Ellen Brown.

    Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC Atty., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Joseph K. Zdanowicz, and Erin E. Carey to Stone Road Corporation.


    Mariann Ahola to Evan McCracken, Roary McCracken, and Casey McCracken.

    Kristin Cooper to Kristin Cooper Tr. and Kristin Cooper Revocable Trust 2021.

    Stephen B. Stimpson and Pamela Kurtz to Stephen B. Stimpson and Bonnie Morris Hardman.

    Stephen B. Stimpson and Pamela Kurtz to Pamela A. Kurtz.

    Ralph R. Martin Est. to MME LLC.

    Cynthia Wheelcock Smith Tr., Smith Family Revocable Trust, and Robert P. Smith Jr Tr. to William Libbey and Ruth Libbey.


    Bruce W. Bergen and Carolyn Bergen to Michael J. Pierce and Katherine B. Pierce.

    Bruce W. Bergen Tr., Carolyn Bergen Tr., and Bruce W. Bergen and Carolyn Bergen Joint Revocable Trust to Bruce W. Bergen and Carolyn Bergen.

    North Haven

    Lavon S. Ames to Stephanie Cabot and Marcus Lovell.


    William Carl Slocomb and Helen Elaine Slocomb to Chrisanthi M. Masero and Angelika M. Masero.


    Charles T. Crafford and Morna L. Crafford to Anne Bergman and David Bergman.

    Mark Paolucci, Mark Paolucci Tr., and 2008 Mark Paolucci Family Trust to Carole Donahue.

    Joseph Labruzza to Kelly A. Lockary and Janice A. Knights.

    Bancplace LLC to MSB Leasing Inc.

    Catherine M. Hull Est. and Catherine S. Hull Est. to Kathleen M. Marcoux.


    Albert C. Dierckes Jr. Est. to Pentipa Meservey.

    Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Aloma Clark and Terry A. Merrow.

    Herbert Annis and Grace V. Annis to Matthew H. Annis.

    Matthew H. Annis to Matthew H. Annis and Lynne A. O’Leary. 

    Douglas H. Johnson and Mary E. Johnson to Douglas H. Johnson and Mary E. Johnson Living Trust.

    Joseph F. McDonald III Tr. and GST Exempt Self Settled Separate Family Trust to Joseph F McDonald Tr. and GST Exempt Separate Family Trust.

    Michael E. Marden Tr., Ramona J. Marden Tr., and Michael E. Marden Living Trust to Extended Stay Rockport LLC.

    St. George

    Jakai Inc. to Donald C. Schwab and JoAnn Schwab.

    South Thomaston

    Walter D. Koenig and Jean Marie O. Koenig to James Edwards.

    John David Neeson to John David Neeson and Barbara C. Neeson.

    Russell A. Hall, Scott M. Hall, John G. Hall, Kris Hall Noble, Gledhill Ann Marguarite, Susam G. Meyer, Howard William Gledill, and John N. True to Christopher R. Harper Tr., Wendy Harper Tr., Leslie Shawn, Tr., Travis P. Hall Tr., Jolyn M N Hines Tr., Sarah M. Paramore Tr., Austin Hall Tr., and Howe W. Hall Family Trust.

    Shannon Landwehr to Patricia A. Taylor.


    Dale Prior to Prudence L. Netzorg and Phillip L Netzorg.


    Lewis H. Hitzrot Revocable Trust of 2013 and Lewis H. Hitzrot Tr. to Glenn Sandefur and Linda Sandefur.

    Patrick J. Mellor to Rebekah J. Smith.

    William Little to Leslie A. Galvin.


    Travis Scott Merrifield to Jeremy Erickson.

    Leland E. II and Valerie R. Boggs to Bryan Beaver and Scott Beaver.

    Harvey J. Curtis III to April A. Wotton.

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