Knox County deed transfers

Thu, 04/29/2021 - 11:00pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded from April 12-19 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


    Ronald Gibson to Kallie A. Cayouette and Desmond R. Cayouette.

    Kristin M. Collins to Kaiyote Jackson and Samantha Jackson.


    Richard A. Bresnahan and Ann W. Bresnahan to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.

    Robert C. Griffin to Francis P. Boscoe and Micaela D. Boscoe.

    Todd A. Brinkman to Sean Norton.

    Randy Vogel Mercer to Carrie Connors.

    Jane G. Babbitt to Thomas J. Babbitt and Jane G. Babbitt.


    Town of Cushing to John E. Barbour.

    Town of Cushing to Maine Real Property Services.


    Michael J. Trigilio to David Afonso and Tara Afonso.

    Lane Revocable Trust, Daniel R. Lane Tr. and Lorna M. Street Tr. to Michelle R. Weir.


    David Congleton to David Congleton Tr. and David Congleton Living Trust.

    Randy Vogel Mercer to Carrie Connors.

    Melissa McGraw to Philip Pascarella II.

    North Haven

    Sheila M. MacDonald to Jeremiah MacDonald.


    John E. Gillespie and Jesse C. Gillespie to Casey B. MacLaughlin.

    Aaron Sheridan and Kristi Sheridan to Justin Mallory Curtis and Bethany Kyzar Curtis.

    Roberta W. Knapp and Roberta W. Wentworth to Roberta W. Wentworth and Colin R. Wentworth.

    Gerald A. Bernier and Jane N. Bernier to Anais A. Wheeler.

    David K. Dines and Cynthia T. Dines to Cynthia T. Dines.

    Cynthia T. Dines to Cynthia T. Dines Irrevocable Trust and Christina L. Dines Tr.

    Louise A. Billings Est. to Russell Billings, Thomas Billings, Kasie Margeson, Aimee Doucette and Flavilla B. Molloy.

    Russell Billings, Flavilla B. Molloy, Randee L. Billings, Kasie Margeson, Aimee Doucette and Brandi K. St. Louis to Thomas Billings.

    William W. Eustis Est. to Kenneth Richard Guthrie.


    Peggy Palazzo to Christopher P. McManus and Laurie A. McManus.

    Richard A. Bresnahan and Ann W. Bresnahan to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.

    Jennifer Turner and David Turner to Jennifer Turner and David Turner.

    Shirley M. Fearon, Gayle F. Nelson and Gayle A. Holman to Ashley Walker and Robert Walker.

    Duncan Finlay and Michele Wolk to Pedro Silvestre Ribeiro Da Costa and Laura Tomoe Enseki.

    St. George

    Frederick H. Lord Est. to Alan B. Lord.

    Margaret Ellen Butler and Georgina E. Butler to Georgina E. Butler Tr. and Ellen Butler Supplemental Needs Trust.

    South Thomaston

    Tyler Ivan Bemis to Tyler Ivan Bemis and Chelsey Bemis.

    Jeanne M. Darrell Est. to Bufflehead Cove LLC.


    Julie B. Russo, Mark F. Brooks and Stephen T. Brooks to Rodney R. Brooks and Kari E. Brooks.

    Paul G. Wilson and Sandra Allison Wilson to Town of Thomaston.

    C.H. Rich Inc. to Premium Brands Seafood Group LLC.

    Mary Ann Friesen to Darcy A. Milliard.

    Andrew J. Robinson Est. to Darcy A. Milliard.


    Annie Higbee to William R. Scott and William Robert Scott.

    Kristine Ames and Kristine Dyer to James W. Jones.


    Chad W. Benner to Spyridon I. Karambinakis.

    Kenneth J. Rolfe and Tammy L. Rolfe to Joseph Gourde and Carolyn Gourde.


    Penny Parker to Joy E. Nelson to Micah E. Nelson.

    Jennifer Guerrero to MariJane Guerrero and Jacob Guerrero.

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