Knox County deed transfers

Tue, 08/20/2019 - 10:15pm

ROCKLANDThe following deed transfers were recorded from Aug. 12-16 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Catherine E. Ward to Mallory B. Decubellis and David J. Decubellis.

Jennifer L. Glennon and Ian Glennon to Jennifer L. Glennon Tr., Ian Glennon Tr. and 107 Bayview Street Realty Trust.

Mark E. Battista and Jennifer J. Andrews to Joseph Pavlisko and Susan Dawson.

Ronald T. Van Heeswijk and Margaret M. Rauenhorst to Margaret M. Rauenhorst.


Glenn McCullough to Lucrese Roques.


Charles Messmer and Frances Messmer to Charles Messmer Tr. and Charles Messmer Living Trust.

Owls Head

Lynn M. Talbot to Fredrick N. Talbot, Shirley S. Talbot and Lynn M. Talbot.

Christopher A. Witham to Thomas Monroe and Tiffany Monroe.

Christopher S. Crowley to Stephen F. Crowley.


Frederick N. Talbot and Shirley S. Talbot to Frederick N. Talbot, Shirley S. Talbot and Lynn M. Talbot.

Margaret Rauenhorst and Ronald VanHeeswijk to Ronald VanHeeswijk.

Stephen Paul Miller to Claire E. Donnelly.

Robert Cashman to Robert E. Dodge and Carol F. Dodge.

Eric O. Likhonine to Daniel W. Pease.

Tabitha Varney to Charles E. Dorr and Traci J. Dorr.

Thomas E. LeCakis and Thomas LeCakis to John J. Costello and Thomas E. LeCakis.

Kathleen Anderson and Kenneth N. Anderson Sr. to Jeffrey Boulet and Maeve Oregan.

Bryce J. Black, Jodi Black and Jodi Gerrish to Dennis D. Black and Pauline J. Black.


Theodore F. Robbins, Mary Ann Robbins, Todd F. Robbins and Bonnie A. Vadala to Theodore F. Robbins Tr., Mary A. Robbins Tr. and Theodore and Mary Robbins Family Trust.

Paul P. Worobey and Virginia D. Worobey to Margaret Ann Helmke, Bryan Worobey, Robert Alan Worobey and Kathleen Parnell Mitchell.

Julie E. Slade, William F. Slade, Priscilla A. Slade, William Slade and Priscilla Slade to Douglas P. LaLiberte and Rebecca M. LaLiberte.

Gary D. Sonia and Diane M. Sonia to Gary D. Sonia, Diane M. Sonia, Jennifer L. Walker and Christopher M. Sonia.

Steven H. Connell and Jane M. Connell to Steven H. Connell Tr., Jane M. Connell Tr. and Steven H. Connell Living Trust.

Joseph T. Farone Jr. and Cynthia J. Farone to Cynthia J. Farone Tr., Joseph T. Farone Jr. and Cynthia J. Farone Revocable Trust and Joseph T. Farone Jr. Tr.

Meadow Street Offices LLC to Claire M. Lorraine and Marc H. Lorraine.

David S. Brown and Sharon Dayle Brown to Maxwell MacCoole and Chelsea Daggett.

Elaine C. Rice and Frederick A. Rice to Elaine M. Nicholson.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Elaine W. Lind and Diana Wilkins.

Richard Debowsky and Melanie Debowsky to Richard L. Bender and Nancy L. Bender.

South Thomaston

Pamela G. Terry to William R. Crowe, Donna L. Crowe and Lindsey R. Crowe.

John E. Miller and Lynn Miller to Bonnie Lunt.

St. George

Jacque R. Huber and Linda Huber to Anthony L. Pyfrom Tr., Joan C. Pyfrom Tr. and Segatoo Living Trust.


David Luckman and Nancy Luckman to Joseph M. Blakey and Jennifer S. Blakey.

Sharon Holmes and Karen LeBlanc to Jeffrey Epstein.

Christopher T. Brinton and Erin T. Brinton to Christopher T. Brinton Tr., Erin T. Brinton Tr. and 572 Spruce Head Road Revocable Trust.


Raymond J. Turgeon, Ray Turgeon, Amy S. Miller and Amy Miller to Raymond J. Turgeon Tr., Amy S. Miller Tr., Raymond J. Turgeon Living Trust and Amy S. Miller Living Trust.


Chester Warren and Cheryl Warren to Antoine O'Hannessian.

Bruce Gilman and Sandra Gilman to Natalie Manning and Jay Manning.

Gilman Living Trust, Bruce Edward Gilman Tr. and Sandra Jean Gilman Tr. to Natalie Manning and Jay Manning.

John Feingold and Nancy Seligson to Patricia Lundholm.


Crystal M. Bourque to Lisa Marie Diplock and Ronald French Jr.

Donald C. Wallace and Germaine L. Wallace to Eric Likhonine.

Lee A. Sligh to Lee A. Sligh and Thomas C. Prescott.

Craig D. Gamage and Vicki J. Gamage to Adam L. Henderson and Angela M. Henderson.


Gordon Rolfe Morrison and G. Rolfe Morrison to Barbara E. Mayer.

Barbara E. Mayer and Charles W. Acker to Gordon Rolfe Morrison.

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