Letter to the editor: John Newcomb

Join me in voting for Senator Dave Miramant

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 9:15pm

I have been associated with Dave Miramant both personally and professionally for over 13 years.  Dave worked part-time for us at Downeast Air in Owls Head where he bases his glider operation.  He also rents space from us for his glider and I was his co-pilot for a few years.  All my dealings with Dave have been excellent.  He is a terrific line service technician for Downeast, always staying constructively busy, and helpful, exerting a positive influence on everyone.  As a renter he pays on time and his glider is very quiet and clean---what higher accolade can a landlord say about a renter?

After Dave retired from flying for the airlines he then flew several years for a local company whose plane was based at Downeast.  I was Dave’s part-time co-pilot on that aircraft for a few years.  I think Dave approaches flying similarly to how he represents us in the Maine legislature---the interest of his passengers (insert constituents) comes first.  He certainly has his own beliefs, but, if he feels his constituent’s interests are different from his own, he will vote for his constituents.  Dave is a much more experienced pilot than I am and taught me a lot about aviation.  He would let me try things my way, unless they might be unsafe, and then explain how he would have done it differently.  I almost always would then do it his way, as it was better.  He never lorded his advanced skill over me, just used that skill to make me a better pilot.

I think Dave approaches his work as a legislator similarly.  He will listen to other views and then try to gently explain how those views are wrong or admit maybe they’re correct and then work on a compromise.  Dave and I don’t agree on all issues, but I honestly believe that he listens to my opinion and tries to understand that opinion.  I can think of no person that I would rather have representing us as our State Senator than Dave Miramant. Please join me in voting for Senator Dave Miramant.  But, whatever you do, VOTE.


John Newcomb lives in Spruce Head