Letter to the editor: Cheryl Parkman

Jayne Crosby Giles is a great choice for Waldo County

Mon, 10/29/2018 - 7:45pm

I have known Jayne Crosby Giles for many years and I believe she is an excellent candidate for the Maine Senate seat that is being vacated by Senator Mike Thibodeau of Winterport.  Jayne understands the needs of hardworking Maine families.  She is caring, fair and responsive.  She visited with my husband and me at our home this summer.  Jayne sincerely listened and was careful to learn as much as she can about our concerns.

Jayne will be a strong voice for us in Augusta.  Her experience in banking and as a former state representative will be invaluable to the people of Waldo County.  I was fortunate to have worked at Key Bank during Jayne’s tenure. She was highly regarded as a knowledgeable and professional officer who ensured the best services for customers.  My husband and I will be voting for Jayne on November 6.  I encourage others to vote for her.  Jayne Crosby Giles is a great choice for the people of Waldo County.


Cheryl Parkman lives in Palermo