Jamaican goat curry stars at Beth's Farm Market Neighbor Appreciation Night

Posted:  Friday, August 25, 2017 - 4:30pm

Buying local carries its own rewards, but on Sunday, August 20, Beth's Farm Market celebrated its neighbors and customers from near and far with Neighbor Appreciation Night. All were treated to a 5-star event, featuring tender, moist, exquisitely-flavored barbecued chicken,

Beth's own corn-on-the-cob, rice with beans, sliced cucumber, the best coleslaw ever made, (with a surprise of tomato), and, the piece de resistance, a fabulous Jamaican goat curry. Safe to say, all but the goat was grown and harvested from Beth's farmland.

While the feast, and soothing comfort of folk enjoying each other and the beautiful day was remarkable enough, Beth's enhanced it all with live music provided by not one, but three great bands playing tunes that richly complemented the gathering on this late summer day.

Children danced, swung on swings, walked the hay bales, rode the bicycles, and talked; old friends met and made new, and, as incredible and plentiful as was the food, more than a few couldn't resist rounding out the day with Beth's delicious strawberry biscuit, or wild Maine blueberry crisp, with real whipped cream.

It's good to be a supporting neighbor to such a place. Really good. Soon, Beth's famous corn maze will delight, along with the continuing bounty of the harvest and the colors and scents of autumn. It was a grand day.