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Jack Williams’ sled gets a fast start at Camden’s Toboggan Nationals

Posted:  Saturday, February 10, 2018 - 10:45am

CAMDEN – The empty toboggan commemorating the legacy of Jack R. Williams, Sr, sailed down the chute with ease as another local, Galadria Scattoloni, sang the national anthem. But then, unlike all the occupied carriers soon to follow, Williams’ sled stopped, just at the finish line.

Williams, who died January 8, grew up skiing at Camden Snowbowl. He moved away for a time as a young adult before eventually returning to his home community. And as such, he returned to the mountain.

In 1990, he led efforts to reconstruct the same chute that thousands of toboggan fans now flock to year after year.

This year, Williams clocked his final time mere weeks before the sprinkling rains crusted the snow at the 28th annual Camden Toboggan Nationals. Yet, if his empty sled carries symbolism, his spirit has not passed far beyond the threshold.

Despite the morning drizzle, hundreds of participants still nabbed the chance to closely commune with like-minded individuals while coasting downwards,without a windshield, at speeds upwards of 40 mph.

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More than 50 percent of those participants lived outside the region, including the Mullet Heads of Georgia.


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