Letter to the editor: Skye Hirst

I want Valli Geiger to be my representative in Augusta

Tue, 09/29/2020 - 10:00pm

Valli Geiger is running for Maine State Representative of Rockland and Owls Head. As State representative she will be replacing Pinny Beebe Center.  The first year in office in Augusta is always challenging. Pinny and Valli have worked closely together over the past years, communicating regularly about what is going on in Augusta and Rockland. This history and Valli’s wide work experience as health administrator, as a nurse, and her local service of 6 plus years on Rockland’s City Council, and Comprehensive Planning give her solid ground to hit the road ready the first day. That will be key in addressing the current and coming unknown challenges.

I know and trust Valli to act for the common cause of what benefits all those she represents. I’ve spent time with her over the years at meetings, and observing her on City Council. I’ve seen her listen and take to heart what she hears. I believe Valli Geiger when she speaks.  I have tremendous respect and appreciation for the hard work she has done for the City of Rockland. She is a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get-kind-of-person.” That quality in a candidate has a lot of value to me, especially in the current political climate.  I trust that what she says and means hold together. There is no self-serving hidden agenda behind her words. She says it straight out. She may get it wrong sometimes. When or if she does, she is capable of shifting when the evidence to the contrary is laid out. She isn’t afraid of differences and works to bring stakeholders to the table to find best and lasting solutions for the common cause.  Democracy can be messy, and Valli has proven she hangs in there. I like all that about Valli. 

I like to keep in mind that the people who are running for elected offices are our neighbors and friends. Behind every campaign is a person trying to serve, to show up on my behalf when I cannot.  How people show up day-to-day with deep concerns for my wellbeing, and that of others, makes a huge difference to me.  When people care, I can feel it. When people make mistakes or speak out of passion for my well-being, I appreciate their efforts. When points of view differ and there is a willingness to listen and learn, I value that. With human beings, it can take time to determine if persons mean what they say.  Is there well-intended integrity or just manipulation of words to cloud the intention only to get votes?  

I want Valli to be my representative in Augusta.  I like that I’ve had 6 years to get to know her and see how she shows up day-to-day.  I like knowing she is a person who takes my welfare and that of all life of the environment and the planet into account when going to Augusta. Valli has not only lived here, she has worked here, and served. She has gotten to know the complexities and strengths of our town.  I now truly look forward to seeing Valli take what’s important to the citizens of Rockland and Owls Head to Augusta. Keep saying it like it is, Valli.  You’ve got my vote.  Thank you for your service commitment.

Please, I invite everyone to take voting seriously.  Voting is truly one of the most responsible jobs we have as citizens. It’s the very least we can do to keep our freedoms to choose alive. 

Skye Hirst lives in Rockland