Letter to the editor: Ray Estabrook

I like Erin – I like Jayne

Sun, 11/04/2018 - 8:30pm

All politics is local, so it is said, and that especially comes home when two candidates that you both like and respect are running to represent Waldo County in the State Senate. Erin Herbig and Jayne Crosby Giles are both downplaying the partisanship issues surrounding this race and instead are focusing on what is best for Waldo County. T

hey both advocate for small businesses, families and rural communities only differing in some ways on the means. How does one decide between two clearly moderate candidates? For me, although Jayne is a veteran legislator, involved community member and self-described moderate Republican, she is not the right choice for Waldo County in this election.

The time for moderate republicanism is over – her party is immoderate. The party to which she belongs and to which I once belonged has veered so far toward an agenda that sanctifies the rights of corporations, special interest groups and the financial elite at the expense of the common good that there is no hope that she can make a difference.

Erin Herbig is also a veteran legislator, involved community member and a proven leader. As a moderate Democrat she will be able to represent and deliver for all the people of Waldo County. I’m casting my vote for Erin.

Ray Estabrook lives in Belfast