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How to improve your decision-making skills 

Fri, 07/09/2021 - 5:30pm

When we feel secure in our environment, we have a sense of steadiness and security. But when surrounded with misinformation, fear and anxiety, we can feel the earth trembling under our feet. 

With insecurity we begin to doubt and question our thoughts and ideas, fueling our mind with negative feedback from our inner critic, leading to increased anxiety and a state of mind where we have difficulty making decisions.

There are reasons for our indecisiveness, such as lack of self-confidence, anxiety, stress, depression, perfectionism, illnesses, side effects of medications and surprisingly, the lack of personal core values and beliefs.

Having specific life principles give us a sense of security and clarity in our decision-making process. They are the compass and map which inspire and guide us on our journey towards individual goals. They are the backbone of our judgement and reasoning, guiding us to make important, timely and relevant decisions. These dogmas dictate our behavior and actions while assisting us in forming a stable foundation of our identity and self-worth.  Our personal codes validate who we are and what we believe in, as well as aiding us in our ability to focus and feel confident with our choices. 

Without a set of personal creeds, we tend to wander and drift from one idea to another without direction, not knowing what we deeply want out of life.

Research has shown the importance of upholding and adhering to a value system. Having a firm platform of codes to live by, can guide us to be less engaged in self destructive thought patterns and less likely be influenced by the trends of those on social media who we perceive to be more savvy, important, physically fit, smarter or have financial wealth. 

When living up to our personal codes, we have confidence in knowing who we are as an individual. We feel secure and safe and will make the correct decision based on our personal morals. 

Below is a list of values and beliefs to guide us in life:

Family, loyalty, humanity, integrity, respect, forgiveness, faith, honesty, quality, pride, personal time, freedom, fitness, patience, gratitude, trust, and the list goes on.

I had a conversation with a person who was having difficulty making an important decision.  She lacked confidence to inquire about a matter which she disagreed with. Doubt and insecurity shrouded her. I asked her what her core values were to guide her. Initially, she wasn’t sure if she had a list of beliefs to act on. After mentioning a few traits such as trust, integrity, honesty, professionalism, leadership and quality, she perked up and agreed that those were some of what she based her life on. Within a minute, I witnessed her lift her chest up and looked at me with self-assurance. She believed in herself and addressed her concern and dilemma. 

What themes identify your core value system? Are you making decisions based on your personal principles? If so, be proud of who you are and your contribution to the world. 


Roe Chiacchio RN, CPT, CDP is a personal trainer, specializing in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation and a certified dementia practitioner. She shares her perspective and knowledge about health and wellness in her articles published at PenBay Pilot, Well Being Journal and NCCDP. Her business, ONWARD, Cardiovascular Health, Wellness and Medical Management is located in Camden. Her education is based in behavioral science, psychology, neuroscience and gerontology studies. Hobbies include photography and international travel. For more information, contact Roe at 207 249-8166, or roechiacchio@gmail.com