Help bring Blizzard home; missing from Rockport’s West Street area

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 8:30am

    Blizzard has gone missing, and his owners are hoping to have the community's help in bringing him back home. On April 25, one of a cat owner's worst nightmares occurred, when our cat carrier broke apart in the All Creatures Veterinary's parking lot, 818 West Street in Rockport.

    Blizzard bolted into the woods, and was not to be found. Already a very timid cat who experienced his first weeks of life in the wild, Blizzard ran away in a panic from the unfamiliar sights and sounds.

    Nine winters ago, a baby Blizzard was captured during a storm by Clairlynn Rountree’s partner's sister, Heidi, and cousin Lori. For several months, Heidi and Lorihad been working to capture and rescue feral cats that had settled in their area. This day, they had been by the area and saw a young kitten. After pursuing him through deep snow, they were able to capture him.

    Scared and confused, little Blizzard came to live with Rountree, who set him up in a small room with food and litter, and would go and sit with him several times per day. Through patience and persistence (and a bit of string tossed his way to play with), he came to love to be petted and played with.

    Blizzard adjusted well, spending most of his life as an indoor cat. He has bonded closely with the other cats in the household, and is comfortable with dogs who are quiet-natured. He has a very sweet soul, and is very gentle.

    His absence has been deeply felt by both the humans and the other animals in the household, particularly by his buddy Atticus.

    Blizzard is a dark grey cat who weighed around 15 pounds at the time of the accident. He had all of his teeth removed a couple of years ago, due to a health issue, and is likely having a difficult time finding food to eat. He is a neutered male and has a saggy belly flap. Blizzard is quite feral in nature, and will not come to anyone.

    If seen, please not call or chase him, yet observe landmarks where you have seen him and take note of which direction he is going in. Please call us
    immediately at 207-542-2303. Once his owners have a possible area that he has settled in, they believe that they will have to lure him in with food, and live-trap him. The last confirmed sighting was April 27 via a photo on a game camera set up in the woods behind the vets' place.

    Maine Lost Cat Recovery is offering advice and emotional and material support, and his owners thank them immensely. They also thank all of the wonderful and kind souls who are already helping with the search, including keeping an eye out for him, and allowing them to set up possible feeding stations.

    They appreciate any help that you might offer, and so hope that it will result in a homecoming for  Blizzard.

    Again, please call 207-542-2303 with any sightings.

    Thank you so much,
    Clairlynn Rountree, Union