Gov. Mills signs education, agriculture, employment, health bills into law

Thu, 05/27/2021 - 10:15pm

    AUGUSTA — Governor Janet Mills signed the following bills into law, according to a Thursday evening announcement from her Office: 

    LD 28  An Act To Create an Alert System To Notify the Public When a Person with an Intellectual or Developmental Disability Is Missing

    LD 34  An Act To Create the Maine Forestry Operations Cleanup and Response Fund

    LD 66  An Act To Improve Livestock and Poultry Preparation

    LD 88  An Act To Amend Maine's Wildlife Laws Regarding Species of Special Concern

    LD 128 An Act To Authorize the Commissioner of Transportation To Enter into Agreements with the United States Department of Transportation

    LD 137 An Act Regarding Absence from Work for Emergency Response

    LD 171 An Act To Enable Out-of-state Certified Public Accountancy Firms To Provide Services in Maine on the Basis of Substantial Equivalency

    LD 191 An Act To Permit Municipalities To Provide Assistance to Veterans in Paying Property Taxes

    LD 256 An Act To Adjust Sewer and Wastewater Lien Fees

    LD 325 An Act To Expand the Definition of "Education Disruption" To Include States of Emergency That Limit Students' Access to On-site Education for Longer Than 15 School Days (EMERGENCY)

    LD 342 An Act To Establish a Permanent Appointment of a Member of the Wabanaki Tribes to the Marine Resources Advisory Council

    LD 361 An Act To Establish a Permanent Appointment of a Member of the Wabanaki Tribes to the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Advisory Council

    LD 450 An Act To Promote the Education of Patients by Primary Care and Urgent Care Physicians Regarding the Bone Marrow Transplant List

    LD 486 Resolve, Directing the Bureau of Parks and Lands To Convey Certain Land in Township 12, Range 13 WELS in Exchange for Other Land in Township 11, Range 10 WELS

    LD 500 Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 895: Underground Facility Damage Prevention Requirements, a Major Substantive Rule of the Public Utilities Commission (EMERGENCY)

    LD 523 An Act Regarding Prior Authorizations for Prescription Drugs

    LD 547 An Act Regarding Nuisance Beavers (EMERGENCY)

    LD 564 An Act To Save Money by Eliminating the Requirement That the Annual Reports of State Agencies Be Printed

    LD 569 An Act To Prohibit Hunting with a Bow within 100 Yards of a Building or Residence

    LD 572 An Act To Assist Students in Preparing for Opportunities To Live and Work in Maine

    LD 594 Resolve, Directing the Department of Labor To Submit to the United States Secretary of Labor a Plan for a Self-employment Assistance Program

    LD 600 An Act To Require Insurance Coverage for Certified Midwife Services

    LD 625 Resolve, Directing a Review of Crucial Needs and Lapses in Responding to and Preventing Sexual Trauma in the Maine National Guard

    LD 653 An Act To Provide Maine Residents Losing Employer-based Health Coverage with Information about Other Coverage

    LD 784 An Act To Amend the Law Governing Approval Authority over and Oversight of Certified Nursing Assistant Educational Programs

    LD 797 An Act To Create a Registry To Improve Access to Automated External Defibrillators

    LD 799 An Act To Amend the Procedures for Veterinarians in the Controlled Substances Prescription Monitoring Program

    LD 998 An Act To Amend the Continuing Education Requirement for Pharmacists

    LD 1078 An Act To Promote Traffic Safety in Emergency Situations

    LD 1109 An Act To Align Equipment Requirements for Electric Bicycles with National Manufacturing Standards

    LD 1620 An Act To Support Maine Theaters by Expanding Eligibility for Off-premises Catering Licenses

    LD 1697 An Act To Establish a Homeowner Assistance Fund Program and Provide for the Distribution of Funds

    LD 1700 An Act To Provide Allocations for the Administration of State Fiscal Recovery Funds