‘He has inspired many students over the years, and he is appreciated by them all’

George Gould honored with trail dedication

Mon, 06/17/2019 - 11:15am

WALDOBORO — While Saturday, June 15 was a special day for Waldoboro residents, the day was even more special for Medomak Valley High School coach George Gould. 

On Waldoboro Day, the AD Gray Trail was dedicated to Gould, an immensely successful cross country coach. 

Edwin Stone, a life scout pursuing eagle scout merit, has been working on this special project for several months, according to a news release. 

Stone approached The Waldoboro Conservation Commission for support and the commitment to continue to maintain this trail in the future. He presented his plan to the Select Board and local landowners to obtain their permission. He has walked the trail, added cairns, arranged for the Town Public Works Department to cut down trees and has improved the foot bridges.

This downtown trail located just beyond Philbrook Field will benefit the community and memorialize the local coach that used the trail for his students for years, according to a news release. 

Gould has spent the past 34 years coaching at Medomak Valley and is an inductee of the Midcoast Sports Hall of Fame. 

In cross country, he has won seven Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference championships, two regional championships and one state championship (64-0 record in 1989), in addition to four seasons as regional runner-ups and one season as state runner-ups. In girls basketball, he won one conference championship. 

“Perhaps his greatest accomplishments are teaching life lessons, being a mentor and role-model to his athletes and instilling a strong sense of family within his team,” Stone said in a dedication speech. “He has developed and formed positive relationships that encouraged athletes to do their best and he continues to do so. He has inspired many students over the years, and he is appreciated by them all.” 

Gould, according to the release, appeared to be very touched by this dedication and said, “I am humbled and truly honored to have this trail named after me, thank you.”

Since the trail was too wet for hiking and the sign not ready to be posted, an inaugural trail hike will be scheduled for the near future. More information will be provided at a later date. Those coached by Gould are encouraged to attend the inaugural hike. 

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