Letter from Camden Hills head football coach

Future of Camden Hills football

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 11:45am

On our playoff loss:

I am not going to lie.  Its going to take me a bit to get over the season-ending loss but hats off to Freeport.  They played a mistake free game and were able to take everything we threw at them. They are well coached and I was confident we would get the win but turnovers and penalties were the difference in us playing for a championship and going home.

We did not accomplish our goal of winning Class E,however I am extremely proud of the effort the boys put in all season long. The football season is a grindas we have been working as a team since July. The boys were committed to continually getting better and to each other. Losing to Freeport the way we did is going to take some time for me personally as it is the job of the Head Coach to make sure we are prepared to win each week. I felt like our game plan was strong but we fell short on the little things and if you want to win championships you can't fail on any aspect especially the simple aspects. Our errors and inability to make the plays we needed in order to win were the difference in this game. 

Personally I want to thank all that came out to our games this year and have supported the program this fall. Jammer football is on the rise and we could not have gotten to this point with out all the positive support we have received. 

Where we go from here:

The Maine Principals Association has decided to move towards 8 man football for small enrollment programs next year, which means the end of Class E. We as a staff have known that this was coming and that is why we played as many Class D and C schools (6 different teams) as we did during preseason and the season. We are excited about the possibility of moving to Class D next year. We have a lot of work to do going forward and I am excited to see how our commitment is to getting stronger and growing our cumulative football IQ. 

Our plan is to continue to build and develop this program. Jammer Football Pride is alive and strong.  The program has arrived to its most consistently competitive point in its history and we owe sincere gratitude to our graduating senior class who rode a tidal wave of turbulence and change in their 4 years.

We hope to see all of you next fall at Don Palmer Field, home of our Jammers!