Camden Hills names Chris Christie new head football coach

Mon, 08/03/2020 - 3:15pm

ROCKPORT — As the Camden Hills Regional High School football team transitions this fall from playing 11-man football to playing eight-man football, the Windjammers will be under the guidance of a new head coach. 

And though Chris Christie is the new head football coach for the high school, he is a familiar face in the Camden Hills athletic community, most recently serving as an assistant coach for the football team. 

In the past, Christie coached the high school’s alpine ski and golf teams, guiding both programs to respective state championships. 

“Chris has been an integral part of football in this community for many years, working with Five Town Football as well as assisting with the high school team last year, and we are really lucky to have him aboard as the new head coach,” wrote Camden Hills athletic director Jeff Hart, in a memo announcing the hire. 

Christie was motivated to accept the new position thanks to the dedication of the athletes, coaches and community, and called the decision easy. 

“The athletes and parents that are associated with this program and school are so passionate and committed,” he said. “I have been so fortunate to have coached with so many coaches from around the world, and we are so fortunate to have coaches that are involved in this program that are as passionate, knowledgeable and committed to the athletes and program as we have at Camden Hills. There is nothing better than Friday Night or Saturday football games, and this community is so fantastic to embrace the game and the athletes.”

Despite the program moving from 11-man football to eight-man football, the difference between the former allows 11 players per team on the field during action while the latter only permits eight, Christie does not forecast any significant challenges for the team this season. 

His coaching staff, he said, has committed hundreds of hours since the fall converting the team’s playbooks from using 11 players to only eight players.

“The decision to move to 8-man was well thought out by [Camden Hills athletic director Jeff Hart] and the coaching staff,” he commented. “Last fall, we attended multiple 8-man games around the state and realized that it is still football. After all of the discussion, we mutually came to the decision that 8-man was the best thing for this program.” 

Christie noted he is excited for the future of the program as it is just weeks away from its first season playing eight-man football, and expressed his enthusiasm, as well, for all of the Five Town region football players, even at the youth level, to achieve success. 

“There is nothing but good things ahead for this program,” he said.