Forty-five local Union, Warren business owners endorse public letter opposing metallic mining in their towns

Sun, 04/02/2023 - 9:30am

    The following letter endorsed by 45 businesses in Warren and Union that are opposed to proposed metallic mining activities in their towns has been submitted to the Select Boards in Union and Warren, according to Garth Hersey, owner of Franz Furniture, in Warren.

    “The unification of both the local community as well as the businesses that support these communities is just another illustration of how unwelcome metallic mining is,” he said. 

    The letter follows:

    As local business owners, we oppose Exiro Minerals’s metallic mineral exploration and the mining of metals in and around Warren and Union. Metal mining threatens our livelihoods and, more broadly, the vitality of the Towns’ economies.

    Warren and Union have economies rooted in the attractiveness of the landscape and the health of the local environment. In contrast, metal mining has a track record of making the environment unattractive and contaminated.

    Some of our local businesses need clean water, air, and soil for their very existence — look at Oyster River Winegrowers, Herbal Revolution, The Pour Farm, and farms of all sizes and types. Other businesses rely on the patronage of people who live here or visit here because of the beauty of the place and the recreational opportunities the water and land afford — Frantz Furniture, Viking Lumber, and St. George River Cafe are just a few businesses that rely on local customers. Economists will tell you that money flows over the long term into areas that preserve and develop livable communities around natural amenities.

    Metal mining would be irreversibly devastating for our economy. Metal mining not only pollutes, it pollutes with toxins that stay in the water and soil for generations. Because of the area’s interconnected waterways and aquifer, contamination anywhere in the area will end up affecting all areas. Contamination can happen years and years after a mine shuts down, and contamination lasts for generations.

    We can’t conduct business here if the natural resources are contaminated or if there is even the public perception that the natural resources are contaminated or could be contaminated in the future. With a mine here, Warren and Union would have no businesses that depend on clean water, air, and soil. If residents and visitors stay away from the area, few of the existing local businesses that cater to them will survive. Metal mining undercuts our economic base and shuts the door to our local economy returning any time soon – an economy based on the beautiful, everlasting natural resources of Warren and Union!

    Fred and Jan MacDonald
    Barley Joe’s, Warren

    James Barnes
    Barnes Custom Window Treatment, Warren

    Alex Martins
    Blue Water Fabrications, Inc., Warren

    Andrea and Allan Smith
    Brae Maple Farm, Union
    Kazimier Buozys
    Buozys Custom, Union
    Chris Heretakis
    Common House of Pizza, Union
    Tom Bresnahan
    Country Way Carpentry, Warren
    Tom and Yvonne Pitzi
    David Robbins Homestead B&B, Union
    Jim Doble
    Elemental Design, Union
    Garth Hersey
    Frantz Furniture, Warren

    Elaine Frost
    Frostfire Farm, Union

    Skip Skehan
    Green Meadow Farm, Union

    Caleb Hall
    Hall Landscaping, Warren

    Michelle Bennett
    Healing Tree Farm, Warren

    Kathi Langelier
    Herbal Revolution, Union

    Megan King
    Home Away Pet Grooming, Union

    Debra Lowtwait
    Honeyheart Apothecary, Union

    Peter Horch
    Horch Roofing, Warren

    Jillian Monroe
    Jillian’s Pet Grooming, Warren

    Brook Hall
    Knowlton Moving and Storage, Warren

    Tom Lie-Nielson
    Lie-Nielson Toolworks, Warren

    John Guerra
    Lincoln’s Country Store, Warren

    Don Kleiner
    Maine Outdoors, Union

    Andy Payson
    Maine Scene, Union

    Glenn Brooks
    Mainely Concrete and Pumping, Warren

    Katharine Lunt
    Micmac Campground, Union Micmac Market, Union

    Daniel Celluci
    NoCo Cannabis, Warren

    Asher and Molly Putterman
    On the Mountain Farm, Warren

    Allie Willenbrink and Brian Smith
    Oyster River Winegrowers, Warren

    Ryan Jackson
    Ryan Jackson Heat Pumps and More, Warren

    CT Nguyen
    Saint George River Cafe, Warren

    Shea Powell
    Shea Powell Design, Union

    Terry Ryan
    Shed City, Warren

    John Shepard
    Shep’s Imports, Union

    Christina Goosens
    Spellbound Farm, Union

    Ryan Stone
    Stoney’s Plumbing and Heating, Warren

    Karina Shorten
    Sweethaven Farm, Union

    Susan Bramhall
    The Hair Loft, Warren

    Brandon Moody
    The Meat Shop, Warren

    Bill Stinson
    The Pour Farm, Union

    Jenn Legnini
    Turtle Rock Farm, Union

    Sarah Hewitt
    Victory Botanicals, Union

    David Flanagan
    Viking Lumber, Warren

    Arleigh Kraus
    Windhill Organics, Warren

    Matt Payson
    Woods and Sea, Union