Letter to the editor: Sara Salley

Erin Herbig has inspired us to be positive and hopeful

Mon, 10/29/2018 - 9:30pm

These days there’s so much anger and negativity in politics. People on all sides are feeling discouraged and disgusted by what’s happening in our country.

I’ve discovered an antidote to the negativity. Ironically, the solution isn’t to stay out of politics, it’s to get more involved. The trick is to be involved in something you believe in. For me, that’s the campaign of Erin Herbig for State Senate in Waldo County.

Erin is a remarkable person – smart, energetic, caring, and determined – who’s inspired hundreds of people like me to be active in her campaign. Volunteers have logged thousands of hours knocking on doors, making phone calls, writing letters, painting and putting up signs, and driving Erin to thousands of visits with residents all over Waldo County. Their volunteerism shows how deeply they care about our community and how determined they are to make a difference. Just like Erin herself.

At a time when politics is so negative and full of anger, Erin has inspired us to be positive and hopeful, and to get involved in finding solutions. That’s the kind of leader she is. I’m voting for Erin Herbig for State Senate and I hope you will, too.

Sara Salley lives in Liberty