letter to the editor

Encourage everyone to vote for Doc Wallace for Rockport Select Board

Sun, 08/28/2022 - 3:30pm

As a former Camden resident and long time friend of both Doc and Haunani Wallace, I wish to voice admiration and support of Doc.

I have known Doc to be 100% dedicated to the Rockport community, philanthropic with both his time and his money, kind and helpful to his fellow citizens, and thoughtful in his opinions.  These are the traits that Rockport needs in a Select Board member to yield positive results for the community.  

The Select Board is a nonpartisan entity.  Doc is a man of common sense values, recognized for his successes in teaching and education at the national level. His experience and code of ethics make him worthy of the position.  

It is reassuring that there are people like Doc Wallace who stand by their values and are unwilling to cower in this era of horrific online vitriol, unprovoked malicious attacks and spin, He will serve Rockport well and I encourage everyone to vote for him.

Elizabeth Grzebinski lives in Houston, Texas