Letter to the editor: Anna Wood-Cox

Elect Chip to the Maine State Senate

Sun, 07/05/2020 - 9:15pm

I am very pleased to endorse Chip Curry for the Maine State Senate. I have known Chip for many years as a member of our church community, as a volunteer on too many to name projects, as an educator, and as a father and spouse. In every one of these areas he is totally committed, giving them his all. 

As an educator, academic advisor, and parent, Chip understands the transformative power of education. We need a well-trained workforce to help us build the good paying jobs for the future. Chip will be an advocate for expanding the employment prospects for all Waldo County citizens.

In every area of his life, Chip has demonstrated the importance of being smart and prudent in resourcing time and money. He will bring this same prudence to the State House. If a program isn’t meeting its goals, then it must be modified or eliminated. Conversely, if a program is having a positive impact on Waldo County and the state and could do more, he will fight for its expansion. He supports raising the state contribution to our schools to the mandated 55%, thus relieving some of the property tax burden on Waldo County citizens. Chip will be a fiscal advocate for all of the people of Waldo County.

Please join me in supporting Chip’s continued efforts and elect him to the Maine State Senate!

Anna Wood-Cox lives in Morrill