‘I am ultimately here to teach you how to become your own life coach’

Dominique K. Woodward ready to help Mainers create ‘empowering’ plan to live their best life

Tue, 10/12/2021 - 7:30pm

THOMASTON — After coming to partaking in a personal healing journey and identifying her primary purpose in life, Thomaston resident Dominique K. Woodward has established a life coaching business, Dominique K. Woodward LLC, to help Mainers conquer what may be troubling them whether it be related to health and fitness, mindsets, post-traumatic growth or any other life issue.  

“I was always curious about why people do the things they do and say the things they say,” Woodward said, in an interview. “I also often found myself as the go-to person many friends reached out to when experiencing a personal dilemma.” 

Two years ago, Woodward discovered her calling was to become a life coach, a result of the work she has embarked on as part of her own healing journey with a life coach of her own. Amid that journey, the pandemic hit which created an opportunity for Woodward to conduct some soul searching and realize her greatest purpose has been rooted in her deepest pain. 

Earlier this year, in February, Woodward shared with her family, as part of the healing journey, that she is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and rape.

“Trauma is a part of life for many, and for healing to take place it is important to feel safe and understood,” she said. “Through trauma informed coaching, I help clients feel connected and return back to themselves.”

In 2020, Woodward became a certified health and life coach and launched her own life coach business in February 2021.

“What many of us fail to realize is just how much we can get in our own way,” she notes on her website. “Fear, limiting beliefs, and poor habits and behaviors can sabotage our plans, goals, and desires causing us to feel stuck and hopeless in our journey to achieving the life of our dreams.” 

While Woodward’s services can be useful at any time, she noted right now the timing to offer these services is quite essential given the continuing impacts of the pandemic. 

“Teachers and parents are enduring extreme stress and are overwhelmed which is leading to burnout,” she said. “Countless others are struggling to keep up with their work demands while also caring for their well-being. I’m a firm believer in being proactive instead of reactive. My mission is to provide individuals with much needed support and guidance for learning effective ways to better manage stress/anxiety, and the tools to create new supportive habits in order to thrive, not just survive.” 

To figure out the right plan for each client, Woodward begins with a free half-hour discovery phone call to discuss the client’s vision plus challenges that could be holding them back or slowing them down. 

“Together, we customize a program that feels empowering and doable in their current season of life,” said Woodward, who noted she works with clients on a three, six, and 12 month basis. (Prices vary, slightly, based upon client needs and payment plans are offered.) 

Each session includes coaching from Woodward through current challenges and obstacles, homework to work on between sessions and experiential exercises for creating a personal toolbox of resources. This framework is designed to help each client feel more confident and secure in working independently through future challenges, Woodward noted. 

“I make it my mission to ensure a comfortable and judgement-free space ensuring my clients feel safe, seen, and understood during every one of the sessions,” she said. “I am ultimately here to teach you how to become your own life coach.” 

Sessions with Woodward are held weekly or semimonthly via Zoom or over the phone for 45-60 minutes, and Woodward is also available to provide support and accountability weekdays via WhatsApp. 

“No matter what my clients' challenges or goals may be, I put a lot of emphasis on identifying and addressing the habits and behaviors that often lead to self-sabotage,” she noted. “This is an essential part of my coaching because many individuals come to me after trying many different methods, but find the changes they make don’t last. I provide my clients with the tools, resources, and accountability to help them transform their lives from the inside out.”