Do the Electric Charge: Where to find EV charging stations up and down the Midcoast

Thu, 08/16/2018 - 6:30pm

    MIDCOAST— High-speed electric vehicle charging stations are popping up all over Maine. Following a national trend, Maine businesses and municipalities are installing EV stations as a convenience to electric car drivers. The faster chargers can power a vehicle in 20 minutes to an hour, whereas others are designed to charge a vehicle overnight.

    Located at various local grocery stores and chain supermarkets, such as Hannaford, along with inns, solar power companies and even breweries and distilleries, these charging stations allow patrons to use them for free or a nominal cost if patronizing the establishment. While charging, they can walk into town to go shopping or get something to eat, go hiking, or sip the latest craft brews and cocktails Maine has to offer.

    We contacted some of the owners of Midcoast EV stations to find out what their reasons were for the installations.

    “We decided to include the charging stations when we laid the electricity and water lines before pouring concrete for the new parking lot,” said Briar Lyons, owner of Lincolnville General Store. “It is obvious and exciting that electric cars will play a much more significant role in the future, and we wanted to be prepared for when that happens. Our electric charging stations are free to the public. The Tesla charger was free, and the universal chargers we purchased with an eye towards the future and the understanding that customers using the stations would likely also spend time and money in our store, introducing us to unique and fun individuals.”

    “We wanted to create an experience for our consumers,” said Topher Mallory, cofounder of Split Rock Distilling, in Newcastle. “So the impetus was putting in place EV infrastructure for future company vehicles, and promoting and supporting EV use amongst in our community.”

    Mallory said that there are a number of things people can do while waiting for the car to charge: “including time at the tasting room, patrons can grab some food from the food trucks that frequent the spot, go for a hike on a trail nearby, and play yard games like Jenga and Corn Hole.” 

    Belfast is the latest town to get an electric volt (EV) charger for electric cars on the Beaver Street Parking lot.

    Joseph Slocum, city manager, said: “We know it’s being regularly used by people all of the time. We’re trying to promote renewable energy and reduce our carbon footprint, which is part of the larger scheme the entire city is working on.”

    By joining forces with Tesla Motors, Berry Manor Inn has become the first Tesla/Universal electric car charging station in Rockland and is offering a charge to guests of Granite Inn and LimeRock Inn too for a nominal fee.

    “We have both a Tesla and a Universal on the side of our carriage house and they’re the longer-charging type,” said Berry Manor Inn co-owner Cheryl Michaelsen.

    Here is a list of available EV chargers around the Midcoast and where to find them.


    Sundog Solar

    222 East Main Street, Searsport

    (207) 548-100

    One Level 2 charger



    City of Belfast

    Beaver Street Parking Lot, Belfast


    One Level 2 charger

    Located in the triangular parking lot across from the Belfast Co-op



    Lincolnville General Store

    269 Main Street, Lincolnville

    (207) 763-4411

    Two Level 2 chargers.

    Located in the back of the parking lot on the opposite side of the street.



    Hannaford Supermarket

    145 Elm Street, Camden

    Located on the left hand side of the store by Bangor Savings Bank

    (207) 236-8577

    Level 2 charger available 7a.m.-10 p.m. daily.


    The Country Inn

    8 Country Inn Way, Rockport

    (207) 236-2725

    Located in the parking lot near the front door.

    Level 2 charger


    The Lodge at Camden Hills

    186 Belfast Road, Camden

    (207) 236-8478

    Located in the lower parking lot that town uses for hiking trail access.

    50a Tesla charger



    Berry Manor Inn

    81 Talbot Ave, Rockland

    (207) 596-7696

    Two Level 1 chargers

    Located on the side of the carriage house.

    St. George

    The humble Farmer Bed and Breakfast

    785 River Road, St. George

    (207) 226-7442

    One Level 2 charger

    Located within the barn; the cord can be pulled out the window.


    Newcastle Inn

    60 River Road, Newcastle

    (877) 798-3752

    Three Level 2 chargers


    Split Rock Distilling

    16 Osprey Point Road, Newcastle

    (207) 563-2669

    One Level 2 charger

    Located: On the side of the barn opposite the tasting room in the parking lot.


    The Sunrise Guide also happens to have an extensive list of EV chargers all over Maine as well as an explanation on what the different levels of chargers mean. FMI:

    If we have missed any EV stations located in the Midcoast, please email us with “EV Chargers” in the subject line.

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