Discouraging cost increase for Rockport Harbor business

Fri, 05/05/2023 - 8:00pm
I am writing about a concern over the Harbor, specifically the town's contract with Nate Pickering.  I understand the negotiation over his contract started last fall so he could plan for his business. I have heard that only recently the initial priced fee was disclosed. 
Is it true that the fee went from around $850 per year to somewhere around $6,000 per year?
I don't believe the town is trying to discourage boating in our community, but it sounds that way.  I also worry that if we see these kinds of cost increases then only the very wealthy will be able to live and, more importantly, work in our town.  
I have upmost respect for Nate. He is honest, fair, very compendent and professional.  I hope he can continue to serve our community in a reasonably priced way.  It is not that he leases the space for a year.  As you know he uses it for only a month or two in the spring and fall. In fact, during that time he only uses it during half to full tide. 
He is neat and careful to not ruin the grass in the area.  In sum I do not understand why this discouraging increase was proposed. 
Bob Baldwin lives in Rockport