Democrats field full slate of candidates, include record number of women

Thu, 03/15/2018 - 9:30pm

     The Maine Democratic Party, along with the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee and the House Democratic Campaign Committee, said March 15 that they have fielded “one of the strongest, most diverse set of candidates seeking election and re-election to the Maine House and Senate ever.”

    “We could not be more excited about our field of candidates this year,” said Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett, in a news release. “They’re small business owners, veterans, doctors, and community leaders of all kinds — but most importantly, they’re folks who are committed to improving the lives of their neighbors and that’s what’s most important. These are candidates who are committed to making Augusta work again for Mainers -- and they’ll do it by working to build an economy that empowers the middle-class and provides Maine people with the support they need to be successful.”

    Of the 35 candidates, 17 are women, 18 are small business owners, three are doctors, and five are military veterans. 

    The House Democratic Campaign Committee announced that it is fielding candidates in all 151 House districts. 163 Democrats and six independents will be running in 2018.

    Fifty-percent of the Democratic House candidates are women, the highest number in history. House Democrats are expecting 18 primaries throughout the state.