Letter to the editor: Beverly Roxby

Dear Undecided Voter

Thu, 10/29/2020 - 12:45pm

Dear Undecideds: The man you may vote to re-elect is just a man, not a god.

He is your brother, whom you can’t invite to a family gathering because he’s rude, he lies, he hates strong women and ridicules their looks and their brainpower.

He hires you for a big expensive project, but after praising your work he finds some ‘flaw’ and refuses to pay you.

He’s the person who scams you—promises a future for which you’re willing to pay thousands, then he bilks you.

He’s the neighbor who threatens you with bodily harm because your leaf blower scattered leaves on his property. He’s the boss who tells you all the wrong things to do because he’s too undisciplined to be a proper manager. And he’s that grade school bully from whom you hide because he says you’re too this, or too that, and tries to get other kids to gang up on you.

He’s the willfully ignorant person who disrespects and works to destroy any rule that keep a family, a neighborhood, a city etc. functioning.

He’s the lazy student who tries to fake his way and calls good students losers. His total hypocrisy makes him impossible to be around. He embraces righteousness while spitting on the Golden Rule. He thrives on hate, like someone you may know with whom you can’t associate and you don’t want your children around him either.

He uses rumors as weapons. He lies his way out of major civic responsibilities, then brags about it, cheating us all. Most of his friends are untrustworthy. He uses his status to endanger others. He thinks he knows it all and heaven help you if you tell him he doesn’t.

We’ve probably known someone who exhibits at least one of these traits, but hopefully not all of them—especially if this person is in your family, your neighborhood, or your workplace.

But he’s not. He’s the president of the United States. And what he’s done, most of his life, is what he wants to keep doing to you, to us. Please, don’t vote for him.

Beverly Roxby lives in Belfast