Letter to the editor

Dam(n) Questions

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 6:45pm

Why does the Town of Camden really want to destroy the historic Montgomery Dam and wonderful waterfall cascading into Camden Harbor?  

How much would it cost to repair or rebuild the dam?  How much will it cost to remove it?  How much does it cost to maintain and service the dam each year?  How much has the Town spent on Montgomery Dam since taking ownership in 1992?  

What is the Town planning to do with the five other dams (Knox Mill, Knowlton Street, Seabright, East and West) on the Megunticook River?  How much will it cost to build, and maintain, a fish passage all the way to Lake Megunticook?  
Why does a survey being circulated by a researcher at College of the Atlantic refer to removal of all three lower dams on the river?  Who owns the Knox Mill and Knowlton Street dams?  Is there an agreement for the Town to take possession of those dams?  If those dams are removed, how much sediment and toxic chemicals will migrate into the Harbor?

When will the citizens of Camden get to vote on this plan to destroy the Montgomery Dam and waterfall?  And what happens when it’s voted down?  

The citizens of Camden deserve answers to these questions so they can make an informed decision about the future of Montgomery Dam and our wonderful waterfall.

Ray Andresen lives in Camden