Crowds line street for Belfast’s Hometown Heroes Parade

Maine State Federation of Firefighters Convention comes to Waldo County
Sun, 09/13/2015 - 10:00pm

    BELFAST — Residents and visitors lined Northport Avenue Saturday to witness the Hometown Heroes Parade.  With more than 100 entrants from all over the state of Maine, the parade included countless sights and sounds for the many spectators. 

    The parade is part of the 52nd Annual Maine State Federation of Firefighters Convention, which was hosted by the Waldo County Firefighters Association for the first time in the convention’s history. 

    The three day convention brought together firefighters and families from all over the state of Maine, and includes several events. 

    The lineup kicked off with Johnny Cail opening for comedian George Hamm at Point Lookout Sept. 11. 

    Saturday saw the streets of Belfast flooded with firetrucks, some new and others more than a century old. 

    Fire engines were far from the only participants in the parade though, there were also countless firefighters who walked in the event.

    The unmistakable sound of bagpipes could be heard long before the group of bagpipers came into view. The instruments are common sights and sounds in memorials, especially among members of the military, fire department, and law enforcement. 

    One especially memorable participant in the parade was that of the Leapin’ Leana, whose springy appearance was met with a steady stream of smiles. 

    For animal lovers, two Clydesdales participated in the event, as did a handful of dogs spotted in some of the participating vehicles. 

    Miniature big rigs proved to be a hit with crowds, as did their winding maneuvers. 

    Following the parade was a 9/11 Memorial Ceremony at the boathouse, which was followed by a social hour and dinner. 

    A dance began at 8 p.m., with DJ Ed MCurdy.

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