calls upon the community to unite, form teams, and conceive entrepreneurial strategies that elevate mental wellness in Knox County youth

Community members invited to Teen Mental Wellness Hackathon

Tue, 04/02/2024 - 5:00pm

ROCKPORT — In a collaboration, Pen Bay Medical Center joins forces with the Roux Institute at Northeastern University for the upcoming Start Summit: Teen Mental Wellness.

Scheduled for April 26-27, this engaging summit calls upon the community to unite, form teams, and conceive entrepreneurial strategies that elevate mental wellness in Knox County youth. This initiative promises not only a chance for participants to secure cash prizes but also to immerse themselves in a dynamic and supportive environment, fostering innovation and community spirit.

“We are excited to partner with Northeastern University’s Roux Institute to spotlight and inspire inventive approaches to improving teen mental wellness in Knox County,” said Nir Harish, MD, a physician at Pen Bay’s Emergency Department, in a news release. “Knox County is no stranger to the teen mental health crisis. Bringing our community together to work on solutions is an important step in getting our teens the support they need.”

The event promises a unique startup experience, offering participants the chance to collaborate, address challenges, and pitch their solutions to a distinguished panel of judges. The winning team will be awarded $2,000, while the runners-up will receive $1,000. Expert guidance, collaborative teamwork, and amazing food will energize participants throughout the event.

“The Roux Institute at Northeastern University’s Start Summits have proven to be an amazing way to introduce entrepreneurship to individuals who hadn’t considered themselves to be entrepreneurs,” said Terra Dunham, entrepreneurship program manager. “By introducing key skills through an experiential education approach, we are able to help individuals see the opportunities that they could create for their communities – and far beyond. We’re thrilled to get to work with our friends at Pen Bay Medical Center to find new ways of supporting mental wellness support for the young people of Maine.”

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