encouraging outdoor activity for people at minimal cost to the Town

Community garden grows at Marge Jones Facility, applications available

Wed, 04/14/2021 - 7:00pm

Story Location:
Marge Jones Facility
Rockport  Maine
United States

ROCKPORT — The Town of Rockport has created a Community Garden at the Marge Jones Facility, which is centrally located and already a hub for outdoor activities. It is currently unused and is planted with grass, which needs to be mowed.

There is very convenient parking and water supply for the area, according to the Town, in a news release. The use of this area as a community garden would not interfere with any of the other currently existing activities. 

“Community Gardens are an increasingly popular way of encouraging outdoor activity for people of all ages at minimal cost to the Town,” said the news release. “They can be enjoyed by the solo gardener or by families alike. A garden is a much more ecologically sound use of this space.”

The Rockport Community Garden functions under the Rockport Parks and Beautification Committee, which is responsible for assigning plots and monitoring the site for compliance.

Packets are available at the Town Office with the Registration and Use Guidelines, Rules and Expectations, COVID Safety Protocols and Permit Application. Also in the packet will be an Information Sheet of a list of Acceptable and Unacceptable Garden Products.

You can also find this information on the Town website at www.rockportmaine.gov under Governance, Community Garden.