Community Gallery XIII: A tradition continues

Sat, 02/03/2024 - 2:00am

    On May 11, 2023, the day the federal government officially called an end to the pandemic, we commemorate it with the start of our 13th community gallery of photos. And the first photo is aptly one of hope.

    The first volume of pandemic photos was created in March 2020, and since then, you, the photographers, have steadily taken your cameras to the Midcoast, capturing how we perceived living through a deadly pandemic. Your photos have been remarkably expressive, and beautiful.

    The one constant was the beautiful landscape that greeted us every morning and soothed our sensibilities.

    The pandemic galleries, and all the photographers who contributed to them, even received an award from the Maine Press Association for the collective effort to record our unsettling times with cameras.

    We thought about discontinuing the galleries in Summer 2021, when we thought the pandemic was winding down. But it did not, and photographers continued sending us their photos.

    In 2022, we decided, what the heck. We love your photos, and your appreciation of the world around us. Let’s continue the tradition on recording life in the Midcoast, courtesy of area photographers.

    This collection of submitted photos taken by residents and visitors to the state will join Moving through the seasons with area photographers,  Tipping toward Winter, Maine establishes new normal with a sense of grace and Maine weathers a pandemic, Maine springs through a pandemic, Summering on through uncharted times, the Leaves of Change, Finding our Footing, a Hopeful new year, A Wellspring of Hope, Grounding in our natural environment during troubling times, By now we know the routine